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The EHR system in healthcare fully removes the paper record system from recording patient information to administering hospital staff tasks. This software has advanced attributes to revamping the clinical processes. Furthermore, the extraordinary features include persistent auditing, independent medical practice, multi-operating platform, applying preventive measures and electronic insurance process. Therefore, it facilitates great coordination among different physicians and provides superior patient care.


Electronic health records transform the patient’s medical process and simplify the payment system. This system helps to alleviate the patient’s diagnosis and early identification of the serious medical condition. Moreover, Healthray is the prominent software for managing healthcare operations.

EHR system in healthcare shifting the traditional medical system to the modern approach system where there is no need to maintain and procure paper records. Therefore, it is easy to understand medical reports and prescriptions by junior physicians and pharmacies.

Patients have some rights to manage and update their records. Furthermore, they can see their medical reports from anywhere and timely maintain their medical information from patient registration to digital billing. Consequently, they monitor their health performance and improve medical outcomes.

What is the Definition of EHR systems?

What is the Definition of EHR systems? - Healthray

EHR systems support the carrying of healthcare transactions in the electronic format. Moreover, this has the potential to wholly obliterate the manual process. It is the foundation of healthcare tasks. Furthermore, this software solution is the future savior of medical systems.

This software has the root level embedded with several medical systems to enhance the patient’s experience and the leading opportunity to generate side income. Furthermore, EHR systems help in making diverse medical decisions including, patient’s treatment decision, purchasing equipment decision, and cost-related decision.

Choosing the premier EHR system in healthcare through adherence to several steps and predominant to contemplate vital factors including scalability, simple front end design, acquiesce to medical guidelines and drag-and-drop templates. Therefore, it is easy to use by any medical practitioner.

The Cutting-Edge Features of Electronic Health Records

The Cutting-Edge Features of Electronic Health Records - Healthray

Electronic health record systems are the best patient record keeping software and similarly, improving the hospital workflow. Moreover, it is a great tool for communicating with manifold specialists and healthcare departments. Administering healthcare data from inventory to surgical procedure in a structured manner. There are various electronic health records benefits :

Persistent auditing

Continuous auditing is the procedure of careful assessment of medical records inclusive of patient information and healthcare data. Moreover, it helps to track the performance of medical personnel whether they adhere with the healthcare codes or not.

EHR software done more than 80% of the work of medical record auditing. Moreover, the work is related with assimilation of healthcare data, medical data stores in the structured format with implementing of medical codes and creating medical reports with visual diagrams.

With the EHR system, it is possible to audit medical records continuously. Consequently, it helps to identify any error in medical records and control medical risks.

Independent medical practices

It refers to the conduct of medical practices by an individual healthcare practitioner or a group of professionals. Furthermore, they are responsible to administer patient activities from appointment management to generate receipt of medical expenses. Glance on some EHR software ways to supports in independent medical practices :

  • Integration to patient portal
  • Patient data management
  • Revenue cycle management
  • Quickly access patient records
  • Digital medical billing.

Healthcare Asset Management

Administering assets is a daunting task. However, the EHR system in healthcare makes the procedure too easy. Moreover, it facilitates robust features that record and organize healthcare assets data such as machinery equipment, medication and healthcare employees of each hospital department.

Electronic medical records have a vast database that can manage distinct assets in the unified platform. In the medical industry, it is predominant to have the outstanding quality of all medical equipment to eradicate the patient’s health risks. Therefore, the EHR system in healthcare enhances patient safety.

There are various equipment that require continuous tracking including ventilators, surgical equipment and lab equipment. Moreover, it is easy to handle the activities of resources in all healthcare departments, related to assigning tasks and evaluating employee performance.

Applying preventive measures

The Healthcare segment is crucial among all other sectors. The data is too sensitive and needed to be more protective again. Furthermore, it is difficult to secure healthcare data with the manual data handling process. Patients also can take advanced health actions to minimize the risks of critical cases. The proactive actions may have :

  • Medical check-up at periodic intervals
  • Properly following healthcare schedule
  • Taking vaccines if necessary
  • Regular coordination with health care providers
  • Daily medical screening .

Electronic medical records adhere to several stringent measures to secure hospital data such as encryption, regular system update, continuous tracking of medical data, advice to use vigorous passwords and applying medical guidelines. Therefore, it enhances patient outcomes.

Electronic insurance process

Nowadays in India, patients have more financial burden due to the non-communicable diseases. Furthermore, most of the Indian people still don’t have faith in medical insurance because of delayed claim procedures.

On the other hand, cloud based ehr system eases the insurance verification and claim procedure. Numerous benefits of the electronic insurance process are speed up the transaction, create digital unique ID and reduces the patients traveling costs.

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Leading EHR System for Advancing Clinical Practices

Leading EHR System for Advancing Clinical Practices - Healthray

Embracing the top EMR software like Healthray for advancing clinical practices to the next level. Moreover, this software has versatile traits including, multi-operating platform, ICD-10 code support, simple UI, Centralized clinical information, integrating advanced diagnostic tools, medical formulas and many more. There are innumerable benefits derived from EHR solutions to advancing clinical practices :

Diminishes Operating Costs

Operating costs refers to the daily expenses of healthcare organizations. Mainly, it includes infrastructure bills, salary of medical employees and equipment costs. Furthermore, this has various other expenses including utility expenses, and cost on inventory optimization.

To reduce healthcare costing, it is crucial to adopt electronic health records and minimize medical errors. Moreover, this software manages operating department activities at finger tips. It covers more the wide range of tasks from patient registration to healthcare resource management. Therefore, it streamline the operational tasks.

Integrated with Latest Innovation 

Electronic health record (EHR) is the latest medical technology that contributes towards the digital medical framework. Moreover, Indian hospitals have many challenges such as poor infrastructure, lack of skilled healthcare professionals, increases operational costs, and difficult medical accessibility in remote areas.

This latest innovation gather data from a patient’s medical history to clinical research data. Moreover, it facilitates remote care in which patients get treatment as per their convenient location and also, supports population health management.

Cloud Hosted Platform

Modern EMR systems in healthcare like Healthary have this crucial attribute to seamless sharing the medical documents to other health care providers within the unified platform. Moreover, it helps to enhance the healthcare delivery such as decreasing time in diagnosis, improving clinical workflow and improves patient health experiences. The innumerable advantages of cloud-hosting platform are :

  • Ease to add any feature in the existing cloud based system
  • It alleviates the scalability of software system
  • Reduces hospital costs
  • Secure the medical transaction
  • Increases healthcare up time.

Smart Templates

This is the drag- and-drop template that can be prepared as per the individual patient cases. Moreover, it enhances healthcare work speed and improves medical efficiency. This template eases the specialist’s tasks and creates a smooth clinical processes.

Additionally, it can be formulated with compliance of standardization protocols that are crucial to follow. These templates are time-efficient, help to minimize ambiguity and it can be modified in every medical situation.

Expediency in Medical work

Medical work is too complex and lengthy. Therefore, EMR systems decrease the work speed and improves the healthcare facilities. Additionally, it minimizes administrative expenses from procuring paper to incurring huge inventories. There are some ways of EHR systems to fast the medical work :

  • Digitalized patient medical procedure
  • Inter-departmental communication at unified platform
  • Streamlines clinical work processes
  • Administrates personal health data
  • Clinical decision support

Patient Scheduling Management

EHR systems in healthcare simplifies the complicated patient scheduling management. Moreover, this software handles all patients’ information from their medical histories to the lab test results.

This attribute is also helps medical professionals to manage their routine heath calendar. It provides time-to-time reminders and SMS messages. Subsequently, minimizes no-shows and enhances patient engagement.


The EHR system in healthcare is the latest innovation in the healthcare industry. Moreover, This software solution has extraordinary features such as persistent auditing, independent medical practice, multi-operating platform, applying preventive measures and electronic insurance process. Furthermore, the leading EHR system in healthcare supports advancing clinical practices and has many benefits such as diminishing operating costs, integrated with latest innovation, cloud-hosted platform, smart templates and patient scheduling management.