Empower Patients in Healthcare with Patient Engagement Software

Healthray’s Patient engagement software solution not only serves healthcare providers but also prioritizes the patient’s needs, aiming for excellence.


    Patient Engagement Software For Boosting Healthcare Performance

    User-friendly interface

    Generate digital invoices

    Online payment mode

    Download the invoice

    Patient Engagement Software For Boosting Healthcare Performance

    Book an online vacant slot

    Remote medical consultation

    24/7 support

    Feedback survey

    Explore Patient Engagement Software Features

    Billing Management

    Patient Health Monitoring

    The Patient Engagement Platform persistently tracks the patient’s health through the medical records accumulation at one platform

    Flexible Configuration

    Remote scheduling appointment

    This software helps the patient to schedule an appointment from anywhere at any time through a single click

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    Notification and Reminder

    Healthray encompasses the convenience of notification of any software activity with the medication and appointment reminder

    Billing Management

    Synchronizing feature

    Patient engagement software integrates with other health professionals which assists in faster treatment with time and cost savings

    Flexible Configuration

    Hassle-free Payment

    It promotes the digital payment mode, aiding to pay with a single click and eradicating cash-related stress

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    Patients can message and consult the doctors and other healthcare professionals from any location

    Benefits of Patient Engagement Software

    Billing Management

    Personalized digital care

    It offers the customization facility of healthcare service that helps to satisfy the patient’s needs and requirements

    Flexible Configuration

    Statistical Health Analysis

    Patients can view their healthcare reports via a reporting dashboard, enabling them to analyze their health data and become more conscious

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    Patient Information System

    This software allows them to view their whole medical information in one place. It helps them to know their financial medical expenses

    Quality Care starts with Quality Experience

    Tools that save time for everyone.

    Start from today; enhancing your engagement towards health and empowering others to use the best patient engagement software such as Healthray. We offer innumerable features that entice patients to be more health-conscious and elevate their health education. Thus, overall it improves the patient’s experience

    Enhanced Patient Contentment
    Minimize Patient Costs And Save Time

    Minimize Patient Costs And Save Time

    This platform facilitates patients to schedule, reschedule, and cancel their appointments remotely. Moreover, It aids in recording and managing the medical health record on a single platform. Patients are not required to stand in queue for their reports, lab results, and doctor consultations. This eradicates medical transportation costs and saves a ton of time


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes, Patient engagement software in healthcare provides robust data security features that secure the patient information with the financial transaction. It assists in data security through its integrity feature, access control feature, audit log feature, and consistent security notification.

    Yes, healthcare software has reliable medical professionals. Healthcare software often includes the healthcare provider’s contact details and qualifications. It ensures reliability. Additionally, healthcare software provides teleconsultation and remote care.

    Formerly, Healthray has an intuitive interface that makes the portal understandable and clearer regarding health information and details. Additionally, it offers the integrity feature, teleconsultation which enhances the user experience.

    Yes, patients can connect to another healthcare provider on the Healthray platform. It facilitates the interoperability feature which incorporates the other healthcare providers in one place. It’s easy to connect with any specialists, laboratories, and pharmacies.

    Yes, This software is easy to install. However, We provide you with after-sales support services that make it easy to solve any issue or error regarding the installation. Also, Healthray provides 24-hour tele-support which means patients and healthcare providers can connect with us at any time.

    Healthray is the best choice for patients because it provides a lot of distinct features such as ward management in which patients view the details regarding the ward from their admitting to the dispensing and gathering of health records and payment information.

    Patient Engagement Solution helps in teleconsultation through many features such as accessible remote consultation and medical health records which enable informed care, online appointment scheduling through their convenient date and time and myriad features assisting in teleconsultation.

    Yes, doctors are available on this platform. Patients can connect with them through online messaging, remote scheduling appointments for in-person visits, and virtual consultation from anywhere at any time and patients receive reminders and notifications.

    This is the big issue in traditional healthcare when the doctor is not available and doctors reschedule the appointment and this challenge is addressed through Healhray. Our platform provides the vacant slot for the appointment booking, even though they cancel and reschedule the appointment then, immediately patients receive the notification.

    Our Patient Engagement Software records all of the medical financial transactions including the medical history and shows all medical expenses in one place. Thus, It assists in knowing the medical expenses of individual diseases and fiscal accounting and drafting the anticipated health budget.

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