Digital Health Incentive Scheme

About Digital Health Incentive Scheme

The National Health Authority (NHA) comes in front with Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission (ABDM). This is in consideration to create a digital health system for the whole country. This means that places like clinics, hospitals, and pharmacies will be able to use this system to provide digital health services to everyone in India.

Even though there has been a lot of progress in digital health records lately, there’s still a lot of room for even more growth. Right now, a lot of healthcare is still done without using digital technology. So, the NHA wants to give a boost to digital health by giving incentives to the people and organizations involved in the digital health system. This will encourage more healthcare providers to use digital health and make sure that the software they need is affordable.

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The NHA has also launched something called DHIS, which is a way to digitize patients’ health records. This started on January 1, 2023. And starting from April 1, 2023, there are some new rules that make it easier for people to use the existing system.

The Digital Health Incentive Scheme (DHIS) of ABDM has been updated. Now, any health facility that’s registered with HFR and DSCs can earn up to ₹4 Crore as an incentive.

So, basically, the NHA is working hard to make sure that everyone in India can benefit from digital health. They want to make it easier for healthcare providers to use digital technology and for patients to have their health records digitized. It’s a pretty awesome mission!

Eligibility for Digital Health incentive scheme

Eligibility criteria is simple to be a part of Digital Health Incentive Scheme:

EMR for orthopedics privacy

All Health facilities like Clinics, Nursing Homes & Hospitals


Laboratory/Radiology diagnostics Centers and Pharmacies


Entities providing ABDM enabled digital solutions (Digital Solution Companies)

How to get incentive


For health facility

Step 1: Register on the Health Facility Registry (HFR).

Step 2: Consider using ABDM-enabled software.

Step 3: Perform login to the HFR Profile to Register for DHIS.

Step 4: Login into the HFR Profile to Claim Incentive.

For digital solution company

Step 1: Register your company on ABDM Sandbox.

Step 2: Add it and go live with Health facilities.

Step 3: Perform login to ABDM Sandbox Profile to Register for DHIS

Step 4: Login into the ABDM Sandbox Profile to Claim Incentive.

Ayushman Bharat digital mission

Benefits of Digital Health Incentive Scheme

Digital health record

Receive rewards for embracing digitization

Cover the costs associated with digitization for all healthcare facilities and digital solution companies participating in the program.

Consent-based Access

Enhancing Efficiency in Healthcare Delivery

Enable seamless access to patients’ comprehensive health records, streamlining various healthcare processes such as registration, appointment scheduling, consultations, inpatient admissions, discharges, and more.

Secured and private

Fostering a Strong Digital Health Ecosystem

Promote the development of a robust digital health ecosystem across various levels of healthcare facilities.

Digital health record

Elevating Quality of Care

Deliver evidence-based, accessible, and high-quality healthcare. Patients can easily access their digitized health records, leading to improved healthcare delivery.

Benefits will be offered to the health facilities only for transactions done by them above the base level of transactions:
Type of entity Base level criteria Incentives
Hospitals/Clinics/Nursing homes 100 transactions per month Rs 20 per additional transaction above the base level
Diagnostic Facilities/Labs/Pharmacies 100 transactions per month Rs 20 per additional transaction above the base level
Digital Solution Companies For hospitals/labs/clinics/nursing homes using their software 100 transactions per month Rs 5 per additional transaction above the base level
For health locker/teleconsultation transactions 500 transactions per month Rs 5 per additional transaction above the base level
Insurance Provider For every insurance claim transaction linked with ABHA address filled by hospital though Health Claim Exchange Rs 500 per claim or 10 % of the claim amount, which ever is lower

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    The eligibility criteria to apply for an ABHA card are very simple. An individual just needs to be a citizen of India. If they are not from India and belong to some other entity, they will not be able to apply for it.
    Certainly. Indeed, the Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission and the National Digital Health Mission are identical initiatives. Their primary objective is to extend high-quality healthcare services to all individuals. The National Digital Health Mission was initiated on August 15th, 2020. However, it has gained significant recognition by the name Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission, which officially took effect on September 27th, 2021.
    No, there is no need to pay any cost, and it is completely free. You need a smartphone or computer with a stable working internet connection so that you will be able to access the portal and apply for the card easily.
    Yes, you need to apply for the card separately. Every person has an Aadhar Card and which is their Unique Identification number. As per the Unique Identification number available on Aadhar Card, the health card identification number will be generated. This will be helpful in tracking their health records whenever required.
    According to Health Data Management policy, in general, 30 days are in consideration to resolve and address grievances. In some cases, the completion usually happens within the span of 15 days as well.
    A user will be able to get Ayushman Bharat Health Account just by initiating the registration of the account through the official website of ABHA. A user just requires a few documents to initiate the same process, and within a while, they will be able to access the ID.
    If the resolution provided doesn’t meet your satisfaction, you have the choice to reopen the case. But before that, the case will be in consideration with higher authorities, who will verify the case. They will provide you with detailed reports so that you can find yourself at pace. If your expectations are not met, there exists an opportunity to seek a solution for the matter.
    Currently, over the portal, English and Hindi language are available. There is a possibility that in the coming time, some other languages will also get introduced over the same portal.
    Contributing to your ABHA account is simple. You can make regular deposits based on your financial capacity. The amount you save can vary, but it’s advisable to contribute a reasonable portion of your income to ensure adequate coverage for healthcare expenses. You can make contributions through various payment methods, making it convenient for you.
    ABHA is designed to be versatile and accessible. You can use it at empaneled hospitals and medical facilities across the country. It covers a wide range of treatments, including hospitalization, surgeries, diagnostic tests, and more. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your ABHA account can help you access the necessary medical care when you need it the most.

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