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    Holistic Practice management software

    Practice management software refers to the foundation of modern digital healthcare. Healthray analyzes the current healthcare scenario and designs the software according to the specific requirements of healthcare providers. It offers holistic solutions for your practice by incorporating functionalities including automated administrative tasks, EMR integration, medical billing, reporting dashboards, etc.  

    Our solution provides more flexibility due to the customizable feature. We comply with standards for medical documentation and legal requirements, telemedicine assistance, medicinal dictionaries, the database for historical and current records, and the Patient Management Portal. Healthray offers medical billing that helps to track the outstanding amount and accessible features for patients and healthcare professionals.

    The best medical billing & practice

    Features of Practice Management Solution

    Streamlined administrative tasks

    The core function of Practice Management Software is automated administrative work. Now, it is an easy task with Healthray to schedule, manage, and update Patient appointments. Furthermore, This requires fewer personnel resources and saves a lot of time. It's a great tool for handling all office tasks with just a few clicks and eradicating unnecessary steps. Overall, it enhances productivity while reducing costs.

    Streamlined Patient record and billing

    Enroll the patient’s record in the Practice Management software. Moreover, It generates the bills which helps in tracking the process of payment and takes follow up in case of due payment. This assists in no billing errors, enhancing the patient's satisfaction and overall improves the financial performance.

    Mobile Accessibility

    It’s easy to work anywhere at any time through the mobile accessible feature. Doctors can analyze the patient’s record, recommend a consultation in case of emergency, access reporting and analytics features remotely, etc. All work tasks are being done remotely. Now, Doctors can earn while traveling.

    Digital billing

    Digital billing is one of the astonishing features of Practice Management Software. All bills and payments are recorded electronically for faster payment. It assists in tracking the due payments, increasing patient engagement due to more payment options and timely follow-up action

    Implementation Steps for practice management

    Scrutiny And Strategizing

    Scrutiny and strategizing

    • Analyze the workflow
    • Spot the areas for improvement.
    • Define objective implementation.
    • Draft the financial budget.

    Software Research and Electing.

    • Researching top medical practice management software systems.
    • Figure out the functionalities, and pricing, and remember your needs.
    • Take advice from your healthcare provider.
    • Finally, select the software that’s compatible with your healthcare.
    Software Updation

    Software updation and verifying the configuration.

    • Updating software as per needs.
    • Add on features as per the profession’s specialty.
    • Checking integration with other systems. 
    Staff Training

    Staff training

    • Train your healthcare staff to use the software.
    • Covering the features from the basic to the advanced level.
    • Providing full support at the initial level.
    Software Testing

    Software testing

    • Testing each software feature.
    • Report if there are any bugs in the software
    • Check the software whether it’s user-friendly or not.
    Introducing Software To The Staff

    Introducing software to the staff.

    • Announce software to your healthcare sector.
    • Allow staff to rate the software.
    • Report if any challenges arise.
    • Adjustment based on staff feedback
    Consistently Evaluate

    Consistently Evaluate

    • Analysis of the software performance.
    • Evaluating the performance through preset KPI ( key performance indicator).
    Software Maintenance And Assistance

    Software maintenance and assistance

    • Drafting the plan for software maintenance.
    • Keep current with updating the software
    • Always be in touch with contact support

    Optimal Revenue Growth with Healthray’s Revenue Cycle Management

    Digital billing

    This feature recording the bills in digital format helps in consistently following up for due payments. It improvises the regular cash flow with no debtors remaining in the cash account.

    digital billing
    ELectronic Payment

    Electronic payment

    It enhances patient engagement through the diverse options of payment. Customers can choose the convenient option. Thus, it increases the patient’s satisfaction.

    Electronic Documentation

     Electronic documentation features comply with the ICT-10 standard. This feature provides precise and holistic required information which saves a lot of penalties.

    Electronic Documentation
    Analytical Decision

    Analytical decision

    This encompasses fast decision-making through the analytics of real-time data. It assists in tracking the flow of payment and claim rejection information.

    Enhancing Practice Management Performance with EMR (Electronic Medical Record) integration

    Get all the tools you need to manage your claims process in one place and to ensure that your claims and patient billing process run smoothly every time. Ensure your schedule stays full so your practice can accommodate more patients. Our powerful scheduling tools let you proactively manage no-shows, cancellations, waitl-ists, and overbooking to maximize your clinical efficiency.

    Enhancing Practice Management Performance With EMR (Electronic Medical Record) Integration

    Frequently Asked Questions​

    Firstly, select the top list of Practice Management Software. List down your healthcare requirements with your staff. Choose the software that covers all your needs and ensure that software complies with standards and regulations, integration features, and Office administrative features from appointment scheduling to data analytics.

    The Patient Management system encompasses the digital healthcare ecosystem. They have a plethora of benefits including digital medical bills, Electronic prescriptions, and interoperability which help improve patient satisfaction, patient engagement, revenue growth, better financial management, and reporting features.

    Patient Management Software improves patient care in various ways including Automated Appointment scheduling, Enhancing the coordination and communication with patients, informed decision-making through proper analytics, instant replies through remote monitoring, and also patients view their data, information, bills, and medical history.

    It depends upon the software functionalities. Healthray software is designed with HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliance and standards. The security features include encryption, audit logs, etc. It is crucial to protect the confidential data and maintain privacy with the sensitive information.

    It depends upon the specific software. Generally, it requires some steps to install the software. First, check whether the practitioner’s hardware and operating system meet the requirements of  Practice Management Software. Installing the PMS software and finally checking the configuration part.

    Yes, it’s suitable for small-scale healthcare practices. It’s designed for large to small-scale healthcare. The features are customizable as per the needs of the healthcare provider. Practice Management Software improves efficiency, Elevating patient satisfaction with due care, and generating revenue through automated practice. 

    Yes, payments are secured in Practice Management Software. It includes security features, and encryption features that protect the payment information. It’s needed to protect against cyber attacks. Now, doctors can rely on Patient Management Software stress-free in terms of payment.

    Yes, Modern healthcare has the feature of assistance which helps the healthcare provider to resolve the query. It is also helpful in staff training. Some software provides the material for using the Practice Management System such as videos, guides, and webinars. 

    Yes, We can share the medical reports with other healthcare providers through the feature of interoperability. It is helpful in patient care and maintaining coordination with other healthcare providers,  informed decision making and it also complies with the patient privacy regulations.

    Yes, Healthcare providers can re-schedule the appointments. Patients often demand rescheduling appointments and this feature allows the healthcare provider to update the date and time as per their vacant slot. Also, it sends the notification to the patient which helps them to manage their routine accordingly.

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