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    Healthray's LIMS System Improves Your Testing Lab Operations At Every Stage.

    Use our feature-rich Laboratory Management System. It can reduce turnaround time (TAT). Consider the many benefits it provides at each stop along the sample's path through your lab. Learn more about our LIMS System's benefits.


    Optimize Your Lab's Financial Processes With LIMS System For Enhanced Visibility And Control

    The best lab management software can enhance your finance management. It integrates effortlessly with your service offering. You can simplify all of your operational needs with this very effective solution. Use a single, comprehensive platform.


    A Laboratory Information Management System That Increases Quality, Controls Leaks, And Audits Everything

    Healthray's laboratory information management software has advanced administrative features. It makes it simple to optimise the commercial procedures in your lab. This solution makes it easy to monitor performance. Maintaining quality standards is also aided by it. It speeds up audit processes and improves efficiency and accuracy all around.

    Increase transparency With Audit Logs

    The Audit Logs are a crucial component of our laboratory information management system. They ensure that every action and process is precisely recorded for complete auditability. It is easy to keep track of and evaluate each activity. This includes changes to patient data and report updates. It also includes order bookings, configuration changes, and payment adjustments. Your laboratory operations will continue to operate at the highest standards of quality assurance. This is due to our accountability and openness.

    Utilise Access Control to Increase Security

    An essential part of our laboratory management information system is access control. You can provide your employees unique access credentials with this tool. It also lessens the possibility of unwanted modifications. It makes it easier to handle cancellations, discounts, and changes to reports and patient information. Controlled access implementation will improve the security of the system. Additionally, it will guarantee data integrity and management. Protect against unauthorised entry to ensure strong security.

    Boost Lab Efficiency And Cut Costs With Healthray's Advanced Lab Management System

    Introducing Healthray's best lab information system, which offers efficient, large-scale lab automation. Our clever laboratory information system software effectively lowers expenses. It makes a lot of lab tasks easier. It speeds up delivery times and gets rid of pointless processes.


    The lab management information system streamlines organisational procedures. It makes it easier for labs to arrange and retrieve data. This guarantees openness with clients, removing any obstacles to upholding effective communication.

    Auto-Email Facility

    Automate the transmission of lab findings to patients with our industry-leading laboratory information system software to guarantee timely delivery. Our laboratory management software, which makes use of automation, guarantees smooth and effective report delivery, cutting down on delays and improving Turnaround Time (TAT).

    Customer Focus

    Use lims for laboratory, this will enable your lab to put the needs of your customers first. Automation guarantees simplified procedures. It frees up laboratories to concentrate on client demands. They can provide services as conveniently and effectively as possible.


    You can be confident the information gathered is safe. Patients and lab staff can be sure that their information is kept private and that only those with permission will be able to access it within the lab.

    What Our Doctors Often Say About Our LIMS System

    Uncover the experiences of our customers who have leveraged the power of Healthray's LIMS System


    Frequently Asked Questions

    LIMS is an acronym for Laboratory Information Management System. It is a software for lab management that manages data administration, optimizes workflow, and tracks samples to help labs function efficiently.

    LIMS certification is important. The software shows that it complies with industry norms, best practices, and regulatory mandates. This accreditation shows that users can trust their lab’s data management system. It is accurate and reliable

    After receiving LIMS software training, lab staff can use the program more effectively. They learn how to enter data into lab management system software, create reports using it and maintain procedures. Training covers a wide range of topics to ensure optimal performance.

    Lab inventory management software is an important tool useful in keeping tabs on, and arranging lab supplies as well as resources. Lab inventory management system helps labs save time, money and space by maximizing resource efficiency, eliminating waste, and enhancing the accuracy of inventory management.

    Cloud LIMS are often a better choice than on-premise ones for many labs. Its benefits include scalability, automatic upgrades, rapid deployment and remote accessible. It is a cloud-based lims solution that provides affordable and agile solution to labs without requiring much infrastructure.

    Focus on features that address your specific needs, such as:

    • Sample managing 
    • Processing work orders
    • Data reporting and analysis
    • Inventory control
    • The ability to scale
    Look for a system with:
    • Integration with laboratory equipment
    • Adherence to pharmaceutical regulations
    • Features of workflow automation
    • Flexibility and scalability
    • Reporting and data analytics capabilities

    Look for a system that offers:

    • Sample management: Ensure error-free tracking from collection to disposal, preserving chain of custody.
    • Work order processing: Set priorities for urgent samples wisely and control your workload well.
    • Analyse data and report quickly, sharing the results with customers or colleagues to make cooperation easier.
    • Inventory management: Keep track of reagents and supplies to save costs and avoid shortages.
    • Scalability: Choose a system that will be able to expand with your lab and change as your demands do.
    A helpful IT solution that makes administrative duties, such sample processing and administration, easier to do is a Laboratory Information System (LIS). Additionally, it streamlines the process of gathering and evaluating measurement data, enhancing overall laboratory efficiency.
    Lims software streamlines lab operations by automatically assigning tasks to researchers and discovering the next sample location. It may also suggest devices depending on preset rules and criteria to improve processes.

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