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Billing Management

Automation Billing Management

Medical billing coding software expedites the medical billing process from generating the invoice to the medical receipt of payment. Moreover, It facilitates the centralized financial accounts

Flexible Configuration

Flexible Configuration

Healthray provides flexibility in a system that assists in complying with the ever-evolving billing structure. As a result, it's suitable for every medical practice.

Claim Scrutiny

Claim Scrutiny

Online Medical billing software helps speed up the process of reimbursement to patients and minimize claim errors through precise claim analysis. Further, It updates the claim status persistently.

Why Healthray?

Why Healthray

Healthray is the best medical billing software that is persistently evolving to meet the needs and requirements of Healthcare providers and patients. Moreover, It has a lot of distinct features that are not included in other healthcare software. Additionally, This platform helps you to cope with modern healthcare and get their boons.

  • Formerly, Expedited financial transactions.
  • Maintaining the standard documented format.
  • Elevate Patient connectivity.
  • Generating Remote Income
  • Digitize the operation tasks.
  • Cost and time-effective tool.

Medical Billing Software for Clinics, Hospitals And Doctors

Record of Patient

Billing History

Insurance verify

Financial Accounting

Billing Compliance

Claim Submission

Electronic Payment

Data Security

Digital Signature

Payment Auditing

Handling queries digitally.

Fast Reimbursement Process


Frequently Asked Questions

Formerly, Medical billing is an important aspect of healthcare providers. Further, It helps in tracking the income generation in the fiscal year of hospitals, clinics, and doctors. As a result, This assists in the healthcare ecosystem from compliance to analysis of cost.

Certainly, there is not any hurdle in submitting the digital claims. However, it benefits in prompt claiming processing, smooth integration with third parties that enhance the coordination, and helpful in fast reimbursement to the patients. As a result, this increases the reliability of patients in the digital healthcare system.

Fundamentally, Traditional claiming involves a manual process which is a time-consuming task. Also, it incurs the traveling cost and takes more time in claim processing. Conversely, Electronic claiming is the digital process of claiming which leads to speedy reimbursement.

Indeed, Healthray provides cloud-based medical billing software. Additionally, This benefits in remote access of transactions and minimizing the upfront cost as compared to other on-premises software. Also, This eliminates the use of servers and it is suitable for all healthcare practices.

Primarily, selecting healthcare companies is a daunting task and it’s too confusing. To solve this, it’s important to find out the needs of the hospital and choose the best one like Healthray, a top medical billing software that can meet all the needs and requirements of the hospital and clinic. 

Significantly, The consideration factors of selecting a healthcare software company formerly include the requirement functions such as medical billing, electronic health records, etc. and it depends upon the needs and requirements of the hospital. Moreover, Ensure that software is user-friendly and cost-effective.

Significantly, Healthcare providers accumulate all patient information in a documented format and the documentation includes the patient information, historical medical records, and insurance documents that are verified with the insurance companies through healthcare providers. Hence, This helps in the pre-authorization of patients.

Selecting the Healthray, a best medical billing software in india that has innumerable features that other software doesn’t have. Moreover, It has unique features including administrative and operation management. Additionally, This offers integrating systems, medical billing, and a myriad of features. As a result, It enhances workflow efficiency by saving cost and time.

Healthray addressed a lot of medical challenges including patient coordination with other healthcare providers which is difficult in traditional medical practice. It is made easier through integrity features and teleconsultation. Also, it’s HIPAA compliant with the ICT standard.

Yes, E-medical records are too crucial for the government to analyze the patient’s health information, and accumulate data for individual diseases which helps in spreading awareness to the people and minimizing costs incurred to gather the health-related information.

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