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About ABHA(Ayushman Bharat Health Account​​)

About ABHA

Ayushman Bharat Health Account (ABHA) is an initiative by the government of India to create a centralized system containing all health-related databases.

This database can only be accessed after the consent of the individual. This is highly secure and private. So yes, there is no need for individuals to worry about data breaches. In case a user wishes to share the data, the same can be done with their consent only. Until and unless the consent is there, no other person can have access to the details created.

ABHA is an initiative under ABDM. The major agenda behind introducing it is to offer a unique digital health ID to every individual. This ID will help them to access medical records easily. The identification ID generated will be a 14-digit code, and people will be able to use it in any part of India.

Along with it, with the help of a 14-digit code, people can share their medical records with professionals in any part of the world, irrespective of geographical restrictions. Ultimately the agenda is to offer healthcare facilities in a streamlined way, and the database having the information accessed is termed as National Digital Health Ecosystem (NDHE).

This one is a secure portal, and the encryption options in consideration are highly secure that without consent of the respective individual, no one can have access to the details at all.

Documents Required For ABHA Registration

When People Are Looking Forward To Registering For ABHA, There Are Several Documents That Are Required By Them. Do Know That Physical Copies Are Not Required. Instead, These Are Required When Initiating The Online Registration.​
  • Mobile Number
  • Aadhar Number
  • PAN Number
  • Driving License (this is to generate an enrollment number only)
ABHA -Registration-Healthray

Steps To Generate Ayushman Bharat Health Account Number (Health ID)

When a user has all the documents on their side, they are all set to generate the account number. The steps are very simple to consider:

Launch the ABHA mobile application or visit the official NDHM website.

Opt for the ‘Proceed to generate my ABHA number’ choice. Alternatively, you can register at this link: https://abha.abdm.gov.in.

Input either your PAN, Aadhaar, or driver’s license number.

An OTP will be generated and sent to your registered mobile number for verification.

Next, you will be prompted to enter your mobile number and receive another OTP to confirm it on your device.

Once the National Health Authority validates your mobile number, a form page will be displayed. This form will require you to furnish details such as your name, age, gender, email address, and other personal particulars.

Following the submission of your responses, you can download your ABHA ID. These credentials will grant you access to all the services offered by ABHA upon logging in.


What Are The Benefits Of An ABHA Health Card?

Platform To Access Health Records

Digital Health Record

Users will be able to access the health record from admission to treatment and to discharge in a paperless way. Every report will be available on this portal, and whenever required, they can access it. In case of emergencies as well, this turns out to be useful for them.

Voluntary Opt-In

Voluntary Opt-In

There is no restriction on users. The decision to create the ABHA ID is entirely up to them. If they do not want to have access to such services, they can simply drop the same idea.

Secured And Private

Secured And Private

ABHA comes up with first-class security and considers the best encryption mechanisms. These are helpful in securing the information from all possible data breaches, and also, without the consent of the respective individual, no one can access the details.

Consent-Based Access

Consent-Based Access

Until and unless a person is not ready to share the information, the same cannot be shared with anyone at all. Clear and informed consent will be available when it comes to sharing the details. If a user desires to withdraw consent, they will have the option to do so effortlessly.

Personal Health Records (PHR)

Personal Health Records (PHR)

People will be able to access their Personal health records whenever required. All the details are available on the same portal, and whenever they need, they can try it. The best part is health history will be created within ABHA, and from start to end, the details are available.

Inclusive Access

Inclusive Access

The ABHA portal is easy to access, and users will be able to access the reports with the help of a smart device. If they just have the health card available with the required details, they can access the details in any part of the world without geographical restrictions.

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Frequently Asked Questions​

The eligibility criteria to apply for an ABHA card are very simple. An individual just needs to be a citizen of India. If they are not from India and belong to some other entity, they will not be able to apply for it.

Certainly. Indeed, the Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission and the National Digital Health Mission are identical initiatives. Their primary objective is to extend high-quality healthcare services to all individuals. The National Digital Health Mission was initiated on August 15th, 2020. However, it has gained significant recognition by the name Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission, which officially took effect on September 27th, 2021.

No, there is no need to pay any cost, and it is completely free. You need a smartphone or computer with a stable working internet connection so that you will be able to access the portal and apply for the card easily.

Yes, you need to apply for the card separately. Every person has an Aadhar Card and which is their Unique Identification number. As per the Unique Identification number available on Aadhar Card, the health card identification number will be generated. This will be helpful in tracking their health records whenever required.

According to Health Data Management policy, in general, 30 days are in consideration to resolve and address grievances. In some cases, the completion usually happens within the span of 15 days as well.

A user will be able to get Ayushman Bharat Health Account just by initiating the registration of the account through the official website of ABHA. A user just requires a few documents to initiate the same process, and within a while, they will be able to access the ID.

If the resolution provided doesn’t meet your satisfaction, you have the choice to reopen the case. But before that, the case will be in consideration with higher authorities, who will verify the case. They will provide you with detailed reports so that you can find yourself at pace. If your expectations are not met, there exists an opportunity to seek a solution for the matter.
Currently, over the portal, English and Hindi language are available. There is a possibility that in the coming time, some other languages will also get introduced over the same portal.
Contributing to your ABHA account is simple. You can make regular deposits based on your financial capacity. The amount you save can vary, but it’s advisable to contribute a reasonable portion of your income to ensure adequate coverage for healthcare expenses. You can make contributions through various payment methods, making it convenient for you.
ABHA is designed to be versatile and accessible. You can use it at empaneled hospitals and medical facilities across the country. It covers a wide range of treatments, including hospitalization, surgeries, diagnostic tests, and more. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your ABHA account can help you access the necessary medical care when you need it the most.

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