Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission!

Ayushman Bharat’s digital mission is transforming healthcare access with digital innovation.Explore here for insights into its implementation, impact, and ongoing developments shaping the nation’s healthcare landscape.


    Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission

    About ABDM

    About Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission
    • Ayushman Bharat’s digital mission is an approach from the government to bring IT and its relatable technologies into the same space to provide enough support to the healthcare industry. The major initiative behind this is to provide universal, affordable, efficient, inclusive, safe and easy-to-access health coverage. This will be helpful for the public in deciding whether they want to avail private healthcare services or public ones.
    • Along with it, the medical reports of all the individuals will be available, allowing doctors to study patients’ case better. The major agenda is to create the best healthcare opportunities for everyone.
    • ABDM represents a health-centric endeavour with the core aim of guaranteeing the availability of healthcare services to every individual. The Indian government came up in front with this mission via a virtual assembly conducted in September 2021.
    • For the implementation of all the responsibilities under ABDM, the National Health Authority is responsible. Undoubtedly, ABDM can completely transform India’s healthcare system by enhancing its efficiency, increasing accessibility, and improving affordability.
    • When affordable healthcare facilities are available, every person will be able to avail of the facilities and can live a comfortable life.


    Simplified Hospitalization

    Simplified Hospitalization

    With the help of Ayushman Bharat’s digital mission, simplifying hospitalisation has become easier. In earlier times, hospitalization required a lot of paperwork, but now the process is automated, promoting ease of living for citizens.

    Strengthening Healthcare Facilities

    Strengthening Healthcare Facilities

    Ayushman Bharat’s digital mission is created by considering healthcare facilities. The major agenda behind introducing it to strength and the same. The Government of India is taking all the initiatives to help people avail of Healthcare facilities better.

    Platform To Access Health Records

    Platform To Access Health Records

    The portal is available with the option where all the medical reports of the individuals will be available. These medical reports can be accessed anytime and, in case of emergency, turn out to be helpful for the hospital to understand the case history in detail.

    A Secured Platform For Data

    A Secured Platform For Data

    The government of India have not compromised with security this time and has prepared the sport to tell with all the security. All the data that individuals are saving on it will be safe. No person without their permission can have access to details at all.

    Affordable Healthcare Facilities

    Affordable Healthcare Facilities

    The main objective behind introducing Ayushman Bharat’s digital mission is it true or affordable Healthcare facilities. Previously Healthcare facilities were expensive, due to which people were not able to live a quality life.

    Emergency Healthcare Facilities

    There are details available regarding hospitals as well that promote emergency Healthcare facilities. People can access it and analyze the details of the hospitals where they can reach out for treatment.

    Benefits Of Features

    No Fake Medical Reports

    No Fake Medical Reports

    For a very long time, it has been happening that people get fake medical reports by giving bribes to some Healthcare providers. However, the situation has shifted as all the reports are now accessible through ABDM. There are few chances that people can generate fake medical records for insurance claims and other issues.

    Enhances Other Household Expenses

    Enhances Other Household Expenses

    When the medical facilities are optimized, people can enhance other household expenses. They can invest in better education for their kids and other things that require their attention to enhance their overall household.

    Reduce Fund Leakages

    Reduce Fund Leakages

    For a long time, the government invested in Healthcare facilities but was not getting in Returns. But now the scenario has changed, and their few chances of fund leakage. Now the fund that the government has decided to invest can be used at the same point where these are necessary.

    Affordable Healthcare Facilities

    Affordable Healthcare Facilities

    The government is taking all the initiatives through which they will be able to provide Healthcare facilities at an affordable price. The Ayushman Bharat digital mission is one of those steps taken by the government.

    Diagnosis Becomes Easier

    Diagnosis Becomes Easier

    With the help of proper medical reports, the diagnosis becomes easier. There will be no need for healthcare providers to go into every test again. They can analyze the existing reports and provide treatment accordingly.

    Government Facilities Of Every Group

    Now there is no need for people to face racism. The Government of India is promoting facilities for every group regardless of caste, gender, Creed and Age. Everyone is equal in the eyes of the government when it comes to providing the best Health Care facilities.

    Components Of Ayushman Bharat Digital Health Mission

    Health ID

    For every individual, there will be a unique health ID helpful in accessing the records whenever in need. This Unique Health Identification Number (UHID) will only be available after collecting all the demographics and other details. When all these details are collected, these will be used as a unique identification for every person utilizing the services.

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    Healthcare Professional Registry (HPR)

    HPR is a directory inside ABDM. This contains all the information regarding healthcare professionals and the system they follow to provide healthcare services. The professionals get themselves registered under the ABDM, and as a result, all these professionals will be connected to the digital health ecosystem of India.

    Health Facility Registry (HFR)

    HFR is a comprehensive repository containing information about the healthcare amenities accessible throughout India. It encompasses exhaustive particulars concerning medical centres, clinics, diagnostic laboratories, imaging establishments, pharmacies, and more. This encompasses information about both privately and publicly operated healthcare establishments. Notably, these healthcare facilities are formally registered and integrated into India’s digital health network.

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    Frequently Asked Questions​

    ABDM was launched in September 2021 by the government of India. The major agent behind developing this is to develop a backbone necessary to support an Integrated digital health System. The best part is it helps fill the gap among the different stakeholders of the Healthcare ecosystem. Multiple digital Highways are available for fulfilling the same gap.

    Yes absolutely. Users will be able to have access to the portal without any expert. They just need to understand the interface so that they will be able to work with it easily. If you have no idea how to use the portal, you can get in touch with government executives and ask them about the process.


    The entity responsible for launching the Ayushman Bharat digital mission is the National Health Authority. The major behind launching this mission is to provide the best Healthcare facilities to every individual around.

    Yes. This facility is available for all. There is no boundary regarding age, sex, caste or creed. It doesn’t matter tow which age group or caste you are; you can easily access the portal.


    Yes, the details are available if you are looking for a local laboratory. You can directly connect with them. Whether you are looking out for a public laboratory or a private one is totally on you. The one you search for, you will get detail for the same.


    Yes, if you look forward to getting details about a paediatrician, the same can be available. You need to mention the same reference; accordingly, the details will be available. Usually, the doctors you will find out on this portal belong to both private and public sectors, so you can decide whom you want to approach.

    The Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission lets you access your medical records online anytime, anywhere. This saves time and helps in better healthcare decision-making as doctors have access to your complete medical history, ensuring accurate diagnoses and treatment.

    Telemedicine is a crucial component of this mission, enabling you to consult with healthcare professionals remotely. This means you can get medical advice, prescriptions, and even follow-up care without having to travel long distances, which is especially helpful in rural areas.

    The mission promotes transparency in healthcare costs and facilitates cashless transactions through health insurance. This reduces out-of-pocket expenses, making quality healthcare more affordable and accessible to everyone, irrespective of their financial status.

    Absolutely! The digital platform provides a comprehensive database of healthcare services and providers, helping you find the best match for your needs. This not only saves time but also ensures you receive the most appropriate care, improving your overall healthcare experience.


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