Mocdoc Alternative: Exploring the Benefits of Healthray

Mocdoc Alternative may be second, Healthray being first choice in the modern era

Healthray is a full-scale expansion of medical digitalization. It has innumerable boons that foster the ideal substitute of MocDoc.


    Why Is Healthray The Best MocDoc Alternative?

    Healthray - The Best Alternative

    Healthray is an advanced digital platform designed with ingenious software solutions. It promotes the boosting of medical care. This supports image capturing of Healthcare records such as X-rays, MRI and CT scans, reporting, etc. This feature is helpful in accurate treatment. This Healthcare platform allows users to view the records at any time, easily share with other healthcare professionals, and assist in centralizing the healthcare and billing records. It helps in formulating the annual financial hospital decision, bookkeeping transactions, and maintaining the patient’s healthcare with accessible medical records. 

    It’s not only beneficial for the Hospital Management System and LIMS ( Lab Information Management System). Also, it supports the optimization of pharmacy management with a complete solution of Electronic Healthcare Records (EHR) which serves as the foundation of healthcare. 


    Our Customer Success Stories

    It’s easy with Healthray to track the client’s insulin reports and foster a collaborative environment among endocrinologists

    Dr. Pradip Dalwadi

    Endocrinologist and Diabetologist MD Pratham Endocrine & Diabetes Centre
    Dr. Samir Gami

    This digital healthcare platform is nothing short of a gift for pulmonologists and chest Physicians, providing precise diagnosis and effective treatment Thanks to Healthray!

    Dr. Samir Gami

    Pulmonologist, Chest Physician Shivam Chest Clinic
    Dr. Dipak Viradia

    Healthray, a groundbreaking platform for pulmonologist and chest Physician; mainly praised for its image capturing feature and user-friendly interface.

    Dr. Dipak Viradia

    Pulmonologist, Chest Physician Rudrax Chest Clinic / Director In Universal Superspeciality Hospital
    Dr. Ketan Rupala

    This platform has advanced functionalities which revolutionized our hospital from conventional to modern healthcare facility. Best choice for urologist and Kidney surgeon!

    Dr. Ketan Rupala

    Pulmonologist, Chest Physician Kidney & Prostate Hospital
    Dr. Vimal Dhaduk

    It works best for our hospital team to provide effective gastrointestinal treatment through in-depth analytics report

    Dr. Vimal Dhaduk

    Kidney & Prostate Hospital Group of Hospitals / Gastron Hospital
    Dr. Milan Modi

    It helps me ease my healthcare practice and significantly assists in the effective diagnosis and solving critical respiratory cases Kudos to Healthray!

    Dr. Milan Modi

    Pulmonologist, Chest Physician Modi Allergy & Chest Clinic

    Healthray Vs Mocdoc


    Have a look at the following features of Healthcare software that assists in comparing both options.

    Healthray Mocdoc
    Payroll Management true cross
    Customization true true
    Digital Signature true true
    Automatic Scheduling true true
    Resource Management true cross
    Medical Records true true
    Tracking true true
    Notification Alerts true true
    Tele support true true
    Lab Integrated true cross
    Pharmacy Integrated true cross
    15 Day free trial true true
    Remote Monitoring true true
    Reporting Dashboards true true
    Pharmacy Management true true
    Image capturing true true
    Patient Portal true true
    Intuitive Interface true true
    Interoperability true true
    Fully Customizable true cross
    All In One Solutions true cross
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    Treatment accuracy in healthcare

    Precision in Healthcare practice

    Our Healthray software fosters the healthcare innovative collaboration culture for improving patient health faster with advanced incorporated healthcare technology. Better collaboration helps to achieve patient contentment through due diligence. Helps to achieve a patient’s confidence and build trust. Enrich your patient experience with us today!


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    Advanced Features of Healthray

    Radiology Information System

    This feature maintains the complete radiology system and helps in workflow efficiency from scheduling, image capturing, and reporting. As a result, It improves diagnostic accuracy with a reduction in report processing time.

    Electronic Digital Record

    Recording of Healthcare in Digital Format which eradicates the burden of managing the physical documents and formulating the reports in summary with patients progressive points.

    Elevate Pharmacy Operations

    It improves patient care, maintaining the stock level with the scrutiny of expired or unnecessary medicines. Pharmacy operations encompass stock management, online order processing, and prescription handling with the optimization of workflow medication.

    Electronic Operating System

    Healthray handles all administrative tasks from scheduling the appointment to sending the lab results through electronic mode. It supports saving the medical history with patient records which helps in taking follow-up for outstanding payment and helps in maintaining the medical records in proper format.

    Healthray - The Mocdoc Alternatives You’ve Been Searching For!​

    Healthray - A Right Alternative

    Healthray - A right alternative of Mocdoc

    Patient Caring

    Ease in handling patient care in less time with due care.

    Automation of operation tasks enhancing patient satisfaction. 

    Streamlining the payroll process through the Human Resource Management System. 

    Inventory Management enabling the stock demand and deficiency alerts. 

    It centralizes the billing system in compliance with industry standards. 

    Refining the lab process from order tracking to a digital collection payment system


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Medical professionals should adopt digital healthcare to enhance patient satisfaction because In today’s world, everyone is busy and they want a fast solution that is provided by digital healthcare and always selecting the best with one like Healthray.

    Patient Portal has innumerable benefits such as accessible health information to the patients and easy to get appointments from home through a single click. Furthermore, It enhances communication between patients and healthcare professionals.

    Healthray provides numerous facilities to the pharma companies and it becomes the earning income source from them without any property investment. Moreover, it saves the administrative and operating costs.

    Healthray encompasses the Human Resource Management System which helps them to manage and maintain the hospital staff from their recruiting part, assigning tasks, working report to their salary. It assists in better allocation and utilization of resources.

    Payroll Management has a variety of features inclusive of the healthcare staff information which comprises their contact numbers, employment history, tax deducted information, and salary details. Also, it systematically complies with labor laws and regulations.

    The Human Resource Management System is extremely advantageous to healthcare professionals due to its countless advantages including the procession of staff interviews and their results, maintaining the centralized database of all healthcare staff their management of their performance.

    Healthray not only benefited in addressing the challenges but also incorporated advanced technologies which minimize hospital work. It solves the crucial problem of maintaining the physical documents, and the difficulty of integrating with another healthcare professional; which incurs transportation costs and a lot more.

    Healthray provides benefits to the laboratory in numerous ways including the digitalization of operation tasks, minimizing errors, speeding up the testing process which can save the life of an individual through faster treatment, and a lot more.

    The Electronic Operating System comprises electronic medical records including medical history, reports, and management of administrative tasks including automatic scheduling, medical billing, and lab test results. It helps in informed decision-making through patient-specific information.

    Radiology Information Management System offers numerous benefits such as radiology workflow optimization and facilitates the coordination between radiologists, technologists, physicians, and other healthcare professionals. It enhances the efficacy and efficiency of radiology services.

    Healthray - The Best MocDoc Alternative For Top-Notch healthcare Solution!

    Top-Notch Healthcare Solution

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