Quick Summary

Smart EHR software has state-of-the-art features for reducing various medical costs. Moreover, the healthcare costs include medical insurance, administrative department, generating medical images, double medical tests, procuring paper and physical files, equipment failure costs, medication mismanagement, and billing costs incurred on normal software. Consequently, it saves substantial amounts of money, reduces work burden, and improves healthcare ecosystems.


Rising tremendous population and increasing pollution in India. Observing these circumstances, it is necessary to focus more on healthcare areas and step towards improving medical services to evade the situation of deteriorating public health.

Moreover, it is predominant to have smart EHR software like Healthray to handle this complicated situation and integrate some innovation in the healthcare systems. Many medical organizations used this EHR software for several years.

Subsequently, they observe stupendous results in healthcare organizations such as enhanced healthcare revenue, improved patient engagement, intense connectivity with medical professionals, and reduced administrative costs. It is helpful to track patient records for early discernment of serious medical conditions.

The Key Features of Smart EHR Software

The Key Features of Smart EHR Software - Healthray

Smart electronic health records software for improving your medical practices and providing immense satisfaction to your patients. However, it is only possible with the right EHR software like Healthray. This is a cutting-edge medical solution that helps in numerous tasks and supersedes other solutions. Exploring the key features of Smart EHR software :

Immunization Monitoring

Electronic medical records track vaccine doses and help to comply with government regulations. Missing one vaccine dose may cause severe healthcare consequences. Moreover, this tracking relaxes the individual about the remembrance of vaccine dates. Children are being protected from continuous immunization tracking. Importance of immunization tracking are  :

  • Preventing infectious disease
  • Strengthened immune system
  • On-time vaccines
  • Shielding from chronic disease risks

Quick alerts

  • The EHR system facilitates medication reminders and provides various alerts such as incorrect dosage alerts, inventory reduction alerts, and alerts for following medication regulations.
  • It saves health care expenses, improves the medical routine cycle, and increases patient safety. Also, support in mitigating healthcare errors.
  • Quick alerts intimate about the prompt action of certain situations. Consequently, it reduces unforeseen risks and creates better communication with patients.
  • Enhances staff performance by instant alerts of staff’s activity. Moreover, users can create alerts per their convenience and requirements.

Data control

Data is everything in healthcare organizations. Smart EHR software assimilates reliable data, organizes it well, and makes reports from it. Moreover, properly maintained data supports data-driven clinical decisions, reduces medication errors, and facilitates patient safety. Data control is done through various methods :

  • Control the medical accessible information
  • Double authentication
  • Data Encryption
  • Accumulate required data

Patient portals

Smart EHR systems in healthcare record patient medical records in the unified platform inclusive the patient’s medical history, allergies information, disease symptoms, and current prescription information. Additionally, smart EHR software includes appointment details, billing information, and doctor information.

EHR systems incorporate diverse healthcare providers and medical specialists to communicate with them to enhance their medical experience. Moreover, the patient portal significantly improves patient health faster, and simplifies the hospital procedure for medical care.

Ease in filling medical forms, speeds up the medical process, improves patient outcomes and enhances patient’s healthcare knowledge. Additionally, it accumulates medical billing information and patients can analyze their medical expenses.

Electronic invoicing

Electronic health records system fosters digital billing and payment systems. Therefore, it removes the need to conduct manual tasks to generate bills and collect cash payments. Manual invoicing needs more time and manpower efforts. The benefits of electronic invoicing are :

  • Computerized invoicing process
  • Preservation of wood resources
  • Compliance with billing codes
  • Elevates patient care
  • improves clinical outcomes

Integrate Smart Healthcare Technology To Minimizes Hospital Expenses

Integrate Smart Healthcare Technology To Minimizes Hospital Expenses - Healthray

Health information technology has extensive functionalities to reduce medical expenses. Furthermore, all medical segments are effectively managed with the best EHR software. Trailblazing the healthcare ecosystem with the leading medical practices. Moreover, examining some methods that support reducing hospital costs :

Revenue cycle management

Revenue cycle management improves financial outcomes by applying effective methods such as automating the billing transaction, facilitating better front design, conformance with coding laws, and incorporating convenient cashless methods. Additionally, it helps formulate medical financial strategies for efficiently administering healthcare finance. Several benefits of revenue cycle management are :

  • Speedy insurance claims
  • Reduces manpower efforts
  • Fast payment process
  • Saves time pervasively
  • Improves patient management system

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Automate clinical workflows

Electronic medical record systems digitalized clinical tasks and made the work smoother and faster. Moreover, it improves efficiency within all clinical tasks from booking appointments to generating online bills.

More than 60% of patients want modified appointment systems in which they also have some control. Consequently, it improves patient retention rates and increases healthcare revenue.

Administrative work and managing clinical data are so frustrating. However, it is a lot easier with Healthray’s EHR systems. It eliminates patient queue time, increases coordination with healthcare professionals, and advances patient care.

Mobile devices accessibility

Healthray’s Electronic medical record systems have one prominent feature that is compatible with mobile on every platform whether it is Android or IoS. Moreover, study shows that most people are more comfortable with mobile platforms rather than on other digital devices. The key advantages of mobile device accessibility are :

  • Point of care medical tool
  • Good for smaller medical practices
  • Ease in sharing medical documents
  • Improve medical practice
  • Enhances healthcare facilities

E-patient charts

Patient medical charts are recorded in digital format which is a series to handle and convenient to share with other health care providers. Moreover, electronic health records have extensive capacity to administrate large amounts of patient data.

EHR platform compiles types of patient records in a unified system. Furthermore, these records are progress notes, medical consent forms, objective notes, discharge forms, treatment plan notes, subjective notes, and assessment notes.

Consolidate medical records

Smart EHR software consolidates a wide range of medical data including patient data, medical personnel data, and hospital data. Furthermore, medical personnel data includes staff’s information with personal details, staff’s assigning tasks, and their performance metrics. Consolidate medical records has innumerable benefits such as :

  • Diminished healthcare expenses
  • Ease in organizing big sets of medical data
  • Reduces the chances of human errors
  • Enhances patient satisfaction
  • Clinical decision support

Cost Reduction Strategies with Electronic Health Records Software

Cost Reduction Strategies with Electronic Health Records Software - Healthray

Healthray’s EHR system is incorporated with AI technology features that revolutionize medical procedures. Additionally, it creates a futuristic healthcare system that not only speeds up the healthcare work but also implies strategies to mitigate healthcare costs.

EHR technology applies cost reduction strategies through its advanced features such as paperless medical documentation, improved billing process, and virtual accessibility of healthcare records. Additionally, it connects with other medical systems such as pharmacy information systems, laboratory information management systems, and hospital information system

This strategy reduces medical mistakes, mitigates documentation time, improves the turnover cycle, eliminates downtime, and mitigates cabinet requirements. Additionally, it reduces operational expenses and removes ambiguity and double lab tests. Ultimately, this lowers overall medical costs.


Smart EHR software is full-fledged advanced software for smoothly administrating hospital tasks and also, reduces medical expenses through the incorporation of various smart technology features such as revenue cycle management, automated clinical workflow, mobile devices accessibility, e-patient charts, and consolidated medical records. Furthermore, this EHR software has cost-reduction functionalities such as paperless medical documentation, virtual accessibility of healthcare records, and integration with other health systems.