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Electronic Medical Records software is the leading tool for handling healthcare tasks. Selecting the top one is crucial for efficient healthcare delivery and not indulging in unnecessary costs. Most healthcare professionals in India are using Healthray, the best EMR software solution. Moreover, it is not only for general physicians but it is also designed for experienced medical specialists.


Introduction Of EMR Software Solution

With the rise in population, patient numbers are also increasing. Therefore, there is too much rush in the healthcare organization. Subsequently, Indian medical professionals faced numerous challenges in hospital administrators. Mainly, the troubles include maintaining patient records in the documented format, incurring a lot of clinical costs, and difficulty in efficiently working within a team.

Despite these challenges, healthcare professionals don’t have enough time to listen to the patient’s queries carefully. To solve these challenges, Healthray is emerging with new and advanced technology. This software helps hospitals to create a better patient environment and provide complete healthcare services in a single platform.

Healthray’s is the only EMR software in India that has offers extraordinary functionalities and meets the needs of each specialist. Furthermore, this software is easy to use, efficiently manages clinical workflow, and incorporates security protocols for preventing healthcare data. Also, it adapts to changing the medical guidelines.

Must-Have Electronic Medical Records features for clinical Management

Must-Have Electronic Medical Records features for clinical Management

Electronic Medical Records systems are crucial for managing clinical tasks. Moreover, these tasks include preparing treatment plans, recording patient information, managing wards, and managing the patient’s admit and discharge activities. Moreover, they work with other medical professionals. After catering to their needs, it’s understood that electronic medical record software is necessary for them. Some must-have electronic medical records (EMR/EHR)  features are :

Clinical workflow management :

  • Managing clinical workflow is a never-ending job in the healthcare industry. Moreover, this is the core factor that needs to be worked out for improving patients’ health experience.
  • Electronic medical record systems manage healthcare information in a structured manner to keep away from legal formalities. Subsequently, improves healthcare funding.
  • Adherence to legal guidelines manually is the troubleshooting task. However, it is possible only through the electronic health records software. Therefore, reduces the legal counsel expenses.
  • This software assists in managing appointments efficiently, maintains records in proper format, streamlines the medical inventory, and maintains accuracy while treating patients.

Result management :

  • Electronic health record (EHR) software is not generally for recording the hospital transaction. But, it also stores each patient’s medical records from their demographic information to the test results.
  • This software records the resultant test results and facilitates concise patient medical reports that help in medication development, accurate patient treatment and helps in knowing treatment duration.
  • It involves several types of test results such as lab tests (blood tests, complete blood count, etc.), pathology tests (biopsies, fluid analysis, etc.), and cardiac tests (echo-cardiograms, stress tests, etc.)
  • All patient tests are compiled on a unified platform. Moreover, these results help to analyze the severity of a patient’s disease. Therefore, support in diagnosis on time.

Staff communication portal :

  • This is a predominant feature that supports secure communication with the entire healthcare team. Also, EMR software eases coordination with other healthcare specialists.
  • Every communication would be protected because of applying security measures such as maintaining strong passwords, auditing trials, and adhering to medical regulations.  
  • It simplifies the procedure of sharing medical files and radiology images. Moreover, this manages all departmental tasks. Additionally, it provides access to medical records from digital devices.

Secure payment portal :

Implication of numerous types of safety protocols which highly secure the patient’s personal information such as credit card details, and payment details and comply with payment guidelines to secure the payment transaction. The advantages of a secure payment portal are :

  • Enhanced patient safety
  • Prevent data from any theft
  • Simplifies payment procedure
  • Boost patient’s confidence
  • Mitigating the payment risks

The top-tier EMR Software Solution For Best Medical Practices

The top-tier EMR Software Solution For Best Medical Practices

Healthray is a medical-tailored software designed to streamline healthcare departmental work. This software has interconnectivity with other various medical departments such as pharmacy management systems, hospital information management systems, and laboratory information management systems. Furthermore, this healthcare system has AI functionalities that are beyond human capabilities.

This is advanced software that simplifies a medical specialist’s tasks such as consultation with a serious condition patient, conducting a patient’s diagnosis, formulating treatment plans, and carrying out surgical treatments. Moreover, it complies with the Ayushman Bharat Health Account (ABHA) scheme where individuals have their unique IDs and receive their healthcare services from anywhere in the country.

It is recognized as the “best ease of use” EMR software. Moreover, top healthcare organizations and specialist physicians have used Healthray’s practice management software. incorporates diverse patient engagement tools such as patient portals, remote monitoring, medication reminders, virtual consultations, and integrated EDD/EGA formulas. Consequently, it streamlines healthcare tasks and levels up patient care.

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Indicators of The Top EMR Software Solution

Indicators Of The Top EMR Software Solution

The top EMR systems are important to incorporate some functionalities for streamlining clinical workflows and improving healthcare financial outcomes. Furthermore, EHR systems are the ultimate healthcare solution for strengthening the bond of medical practitioners and increasing patient care. Here are a few indicators that recognize the top EMR Software solution :

Easy interface :

  • In the market there are various EMR software, However best one is those that have a user-friendly interface. Moreover, it helps in quick retrieval of medical information and is easy to train the healthcare staff.
  • The front designs are so simple and clear that they ease the procedure of maintaining the clinical documentation. Also, incorporate some valuable tools for eliminating the manual entries.
  • Top cloud-based EHR systems demonstrate medical information in an easy way that is easy to understand by junior medical staff.
  • The easy interface provides customizable templates which help in changing the design and content of the templates as per the user’s requirement. Therefore, EHR solutions are useful for every medical specialist.

Revenue cycle management :

The EHR system helps in the practice’s financial health and increases the speed of collecting payments. It is required by every type of healthcare organization. However, it is more beneficial for large healthcare organizations. Health information technology manages every financial aspect of a medical organization from collecting payments to insurance claims. Let’s have a look at the benefits of revenue cycle management :

  • Simplifies medical billing procedure
  • Boost morale among health care providers
  • Fast insurance claim processing
  • Provides financial decision support
  • Maintains financial medical histories.

Cloud-based system :

  • The leading practice management solution always incorporates cloud-based systems, such as Healthray. Furthermore, these types of systems can store the information in the cloud rather than on a particular server.
  • Cloud-based EHR systems widened the software system as healthcare organizations grew. Moreover, it helps in accessing healthcare information on digital devices that can be operated remotely. Thereby, aiding in lower hospital expenses.

Automated Workflow :

Electronic health records (EHR) converge patient data and hospital data information. Additionally, it incorporates the patient portal for maintaining patient health records effectively. This patient portal supports other medical activities such as appointment scheduling, maintaining patient history, and maintaining diagnostic information. 

Furthermore, this automates the entry of patient information and other healthcare data. Consequently, it improves patient engagement and heightened patient care. Automating entries improves healthcare practices and helps in population health management. 

Consequently, it enhances patient satisfaction and integrates with other healthcare systems and medication management. Also, supports patient scheduling appointments, and helps in clinical decision support. 


Most healthcare professionals consider Healthray, the top EMR software solution. Moreover, it has advanced functionalities which are hardly found in other medical software. EMR software has some predominant features such as clinical workflow management, result management, secure payment portal, and staff communication portal. Furthermore, there are some of the indicators that define the top EMR software including user-friendly interface, revenue cycle management, cloud-based system, and automated workflow. Consequently, these all indicators are present in comprehensive Healthray software.