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How It Works ?

Healthray keeps all of your private, secure and personal medical health records at ONE secure platform.

Smart/Digital Prescriptions

Smart/Digital Prescriptions & Medicine Reminder

Get online consultation & prescriptions from the verified doctor through the app from anywhere. Once you booked a consultation, healthray will remind you to take medicine on time.

Health History Tracker

Keep track of your entire health history

Healthray will keep track of the entire timeline of your digital medical cases, consultations and medical documents. So, you don’t need to carry physical documents everywhere.

AI-based health data collection

AI-based health data collection

Healthray will collect your necessary data about the illness and post it to the doctors, so that doctor can review your health condition and get a basic idea of manifestation(the root cause of the problem) even before they talk to you.

Our Services

Consult Anytime, Anywhere!

Consult with the top of the health specialists over the chat and on call. Get answers to all your health concerns immediately!

Join and book your consultation with healthray!

Doctor Patient Mobile

24X7 Availability

Health issues can occur anytime when you least expect them.

Our top-notch health specialists are glad to serve you every minute of every day with the quality services anywhere as well as provides 24x7 support by phone, video call or by chat. Our specialist's team is constantly accessible to respond to emergencies.

Doctor Patient Mobile


Failing to take your medication can be costly as well as dangerous for patient health.

Forgetting to take your medicine isn’t a new problem, but apps like Healthray offers a new solution for today’s tech-savvy patient population to keep up to date by reminding to take medicine on a daily routine.

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Lab Test

A patient can attach past lab reports in attachments & records dashboard to show the doctor prior consultation.

Healthray enables physicians and other healthcare professionals to make appropriate evidence-based diagnostic or therapeutic decisions for their patients by suggesting to do a lab test after providing investigation prescription.

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Medical Health Records

Healthray has begun to institute Electronic Medical/Health Records that give providers an interface to store, organize, and maintain patient records.

Patient information from previous records needs to be incorporated into the current information so that there is a complete overview of the patient’s health information. This will allow healthcare professionals to access the patient’s information irrespective of the time and location.

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Top Health Specialist

Consult Doctors from Top Clinics/Hospitals within 30 minutes.

To give you peace of mind, Healthray identifies and provide top verified doctors who are in good medical standing, have high patient satisfaction ratings, and demonstrate a commitment to transparency and patient education.

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Doctors Showcase

For Doctor

  • Grow your reputation and showcase your expertise and skills to more patients.
  • Give online consultation services to the patients and maximise your earnings.
  • Smart Practice Management.
  • Make a Difference to the Society!
  • Healthray will help you find more and fresh set of patients so you can serve much more and more!
  • Upgrade Your Healthcare Experience.

For Patient

  • All data is private, safe and secure with healthray!
  • Get urgent care and receive prescription instantly.
  • Book lab test online and free sample collection.
  • Discuss and resolve all of your health-related issues with highly qualified and certified doctors.
  • Secure record keeping for life.
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Healthray Plans & Pricing

Priced right for the perfect and complete clinic management experience

Healthray Core

Manage Your Practice


3 Months FREE Trial

Benefits of Healthray Core

  • Calendar - Manage Appointments & Follow-Ups
  • Electronic Medical Health Records
  • Unlimited Patients Record Management
  • Patient Charting
  • Catalogue Management
  • Realtime Patient Feedback
  • Monthly Statements & Reports
  • Unlimited appointment confirmation, reminder and follow-up SMS
  • Follow-Up Consult
  • Treatment communications
  • Seamless Walk-In & Online Appointment Management
  • Chat, Video Call Support For Online Consultation's
  • Invitee & Staff Management
  • Multiple Clinic Management
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Healthray Optimum

Complete Clinic Management Experience

₹ 6000.00

billed annually for 1 clinic

Benefits of Healthray Optimum

  • All BASIC Features of Healthray Core + Below features :
  • AI Based Diagnosis Prediction
  • Billing Management
  • Show Patient Feedbacks
  • Patient Queue Management
  • Export & Backup of Patient Records
  • Language customization at a patient level
  • Customize templating for Billing & report
  • Extra Tab Cost Rs 13,000 for Android and 22,000 iOS
  • Samsung Android Tablet, or iPad Mini 2 for IOS
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