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Healthray offer a diverse range of services.
Specialty Modules

Healthray Advanced tools can assist you in better understanding and generating insights into your practise.

Workplace Administration

With comprehensive clinical software, you can reduce your workload.

Billing Automation

A smart automated billing feature helps you create invoices and quotes in just a few clicks.

Prepare a chartsheet

Healthray summaries a significant quantity of data in a concise, pictorial & straightforward manner.

Doctor/Staff Management

With a few finger clicks, you can easily manage doctors, staff, and entire clinics.

Discharge Summary

It helps the patient a long way to understand what was done at the hospital and the next course of action.

What distinguishes us from others?
AI-powered machine recommendation

Healthray offers a one-of-a-kind intelligent system AI recommendation based on symptoms and diagnosis, which will save both time and effort.

Rx recommendation

Helathray is smart enough to track your practice and can recommend the medicine (Rx) by observing symptoms.

Advice recommendation

Healthray can detect symptoms and provide precise advice recommendations in addition to a prescription.




Advice recommendation

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Special Modules
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We provide many services
Smart Services
How simple is it for you to use Healthray?
Our Best Working Process
Add patient

Enter patient information using the reception module or the EMR.

Schedule an Appointment

You can easily manage your queue and consult patients remotely from anywhere and on any device with planned appointments.

Generate Prescription

Consult with your patient and create the prescription in a matter of seconds.

Send E-Rx via message and app.

Patients can access their prescriptions or E-Rx through the Healthray patient app or via text message.

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Asked Questions

What is Healthray?

Healthray is an online healthcare marketplace that facilitates interactions between various stakeholders, such as patients and doctors.

How can I login to my Healthray account?

To login to Healthray, you can click on the link at the top right of the main page. The login page contains the mobile number and the password that were defined during the registration. If you don’t have an account, please Sign Up (

How simple is the Healthray EMR software to use?

Healthray EMR is very simple to use. You can use Healthray EMR if you can use WhatsApp. There is no prerequisite knowledge of computers or software. To make things easier, our on-site team walks you through the initial setup and is always available for any assistance you may require.

Is Healthray EMR suitable for reception and pharmacy?

Yes. You can manage all of your clinic operations using Healthray’s simple receptionist, pharmacy, and IPD management modules.

Can I manage multiple organizations in a single account?

Yes, we offer multiple organization management services. You can also get reporting according to organization wise.

Is it possible to write prescriptions in a regional language? and how?

Yes, when prescription printing, the prescription will automatically convert to the inpatient regional language or change the language with one single click.

Can I import my patient records from my existing software?

Yes, data import is possible from any other software.

Our commitment is to keep you safe.
Data Security and Privacy
Data Security and Privacy

All your Healthray data is stored in HIPAA compliant servers, ensuring industry standard consent architecture and privacy policies.

Data Encryption

All your data, including reports, prescriptions, and history of health, is completely private and confidential. Your data is secure and cannot be compromised because it is 100% encrypted.

SSL Security

The data is stored in a private cloud with SSL security protocols, making it impossible for any third party to access.