.Net MVC + React.Js Developer


Min 3 Years


Bachelor’s or Masters Degree in Computer Science



Responsibilities :

  • Develop and maintain web applications using the .Net MVC framework and React.js library.
  • Collaborate with stakeholders to gather and analyze project requirements.
  • Design and implement scalable and high-performance software solutions.
  • Write clean, maintainable, and efficient code.
  • Perform unit testing and troubleshooting to ensure application stability and performance.
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams, including designers and project managers, to ensure project success.
  • Participate in code reviews to ensure code quality and adherence to coding standards.
  • Assist in the deployment process and ensure smooth application deployment.
  • Provide technical guidance and support to team members as needed.
  • Stay updated with the latest industry trends and technologies related to .Net MVC and React.js.

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