HR Manager


5+ years





Required Skills :

  • Responsible for recruitment and overall quality system in the HR department.
  • Understanding and executing staffing requisition, requirements, and issues from all departments.
  • Draft and update documents such as job descriptions, employee handbook, performance appraisal, forms, SOP, policies, and other HR-related documents.
  • Sourcing candidates via recruitment agencies and job online advertisements.
  • Screening the candidates by resume shortlisting, phone interviews, and personal interviews with coordination with the concerned departments & background verification of the shortlisted candidates.
  • Issuing Letter of Offer/Intent/Employment to the selected candidate.
  • Maintain employees’ leaves, medical, and attendance records. Keeping track of employees’ attendance/absenteeism and reporting to Operations Manager.
  • Review, update and maintain proper filing such as employees’ medical insurance policies.
  • Conduct orientation program and briefing to new employees.
  • Setting up / Update / Forward email addresses for new employees and resigned employees.
  • Attending / Understanding employees’ grievances in their work engagement level and implementing corrective measures for them.

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