An Electronic Health Record helps you to focus on the best

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With the Electronic health record, you can make your medical practice easier. The EHR practice management helps you to manage the medical task at your fingertips.

The Integrated EHR

Electronic Health Record software combines with:

  • The Practice Management (PM) Solution.
  • Billing Solutions.

The EHR systems in health care help you to manage the following task at your fingertips:

  • Manages your document.
  • EHR software makes billing work easy.
  • Manages your insurance.
  • You can schedule your appointments.

The Electronic health record system’s advantages :

  • It saves a lot of valuable time.
  • With The Electronic health record software, you can make your medical practice easier.

The Electronic health record software is helpful for:

  • Physicians,
  • Nurses,
  • Receptionists.

The EHR software helps to reduce redundancy in data of:

  • Billing work.
  • Insurance work.

Benefits of The Electronic health record software :

  • Helps to increase profit.
  • Helps to solve revenue problems.
  • Ease transfer of input data.
  • Share data across all tools and modules. 

Practice Management

With The EHR practice management you can easily manage the following work:

  • Manages all documents of diagnosis.
  • Helps to check your procedure codes.
  • Fix appointments with your patients.
  • EHR software helps you to verify insurance.
  • Manage your medical billing tasks.
The Electronic health record system provides you with the following benefits:
    • Helps you to check your patient demographics.
    • You can automate your tasks by using Electronic health record software, such as:
      • Patient scheduling.
      • Billing.
      • Organizing appointments.
    • By using the Electronic health record system, you can increase a facility’s productivity.
You can store and reuse the patient data such as:
      • Names.
      • Demographics.
      • Insurance coverage.
      • Contact information.
You can discover allergies and predict diagnosis using Software for EHR.

Vital Tracking

The analytics features in the EHR software help you to:

  • Helps to make your medical practice visible to all areas.
  • EHR software will improve business performance.
  • Helps to boost your clinical performance.

The EHR System provides you with the following benefits:

  • Helps you to make good decisions.
  • Electronic health record system helps both physicians and staff to manage their medical practice.
  • EHR software provides you with a single and simple platform for all your needs.

Prescription Management

Software for EHR helps you with the following:

  • Helps you manage your medication report.
  • You will get a complete e-prescription report.

The EHR software provides you with the following benefits:

  • It provides you with an electronic retail prescription.
  • Helps to view your medical history.
  • EHR system gives details of your prescribed medicines.
  • Helps to reduce handwritten errors.

The EHR System has the following features :

  • The Electronic health record software provides you with Recalls and Health Maintenance Reminders features which include:
    • Helps to check the status of your medicines.
    • Keeps track of the active lab work. 
  • Provide you with interaction-checking features.
  • Order tracking features help you check your order status.
  • It beeps sounds to remind you.

EMR data Security

The EHR software provides you with the following security features:

  • The EHR system in health care uses the HIPAA Security Rule.
  • Protect and keep your health information safe and secure.
  • Uses access control tools such as passwords and PINs to protect your information.
  • Only allowed users can view your private information.
  • An “audit trail” feature that helps you to check who reads your private information.
  • It is difficult for a third party to access the data since it is kept in a private cloud using SSL security measures.

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