crelio alternative, Healthray is the Leading and Reliable Pathology Lab Software

We provide the best lab solution to enhance innovation and resolve challenges. Leading strategies adopted by pathology lab software to minimize costs and reduce patient attrition rate.

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    Healthray As Best Pathology Lab Software

    Enhance Your Laboratory Productivity
    with the Superior Pathology Lab Software

    Why Is healthray The Best crelio Alternative

    Enhance Your Laboratory Productivity with the Superior Pathology Software

    • Our software improves the customer experience and provides a modernized lab solution that meets all segment requirements. Moreover, this platform has the ability to integrate with various instruments, accumulate data sets from several sources, in-depth equipment monitoring, and be connected with AI technologies. Therefore, it improves the laboratory process and helps to double revenue margin. 
    • Utilize your laboratory assets efficiently with Healthray, the best pathology lab software. Moreover, this software has various properties, which helps to detect those assets, which are not properly utilized or need maintenance. Furthermore, maintaining laboratory instruments incurs a lot of money every year. Healthray’s lab software makes this task easier and faster. 
    • The pathology reporting software is also connected with the human resource management system that provides effective training to the laboratory employees and compiles lab personnel details at a single place. Doesn’t  it sound amazing? Select Healthray for the best laboratory practices without dawdling.

    Upgrade your Lab Services with us!

    Pathology laboratory software efficiently administrates laboratory finances, simplest sample management system, tracks data at any time, and sends reports digitally. Moreover, this software integrates with AI-based technology to advance your laboratory systems. Unlock operational efficiency with our best software for pathology lab.


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    Healthray Vs Crelio


    Have a look at the following features of Healthcare software that assists in comparing both options.

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    Why only Healthray?

    Digital Wallet

    Facilitate online billing services that help to create automated bills through drag-and-drop form. Additionally, it aids in collecting huge amounts of money.

    Resource Management

    Pathology lab management software simplifies laboratory managers tasks from instrument calibration to track personnel performance.

    Online Radiology System

    Our software effortlessly captures radiology images that assists to share reports and minimizes lab costs. Consequently, ease for physicians to interpret results.

    Captures Unlimited Data

    Online pathology lab software records extensive lab information from test reports to lab personnel details. Also, can update information from any digital device.

    Healthary - A Powerful Crelio Alternative

    Healthray - The Powerful Crelio Alternative

    Modernize Patient Flow System

    Eradicate long queue

    Online test reports

    Remote monitoring

    Accumulates lab bills

    Scheduling digital appointment

    Rapid diagnostic process

    Patient Caring Healthray

    Experience The Premier Crelio Alternative Laboratory Software With Healthray!

    Healthray - The Best Alternative For Top-notch Healthcare Solution!


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Healthray is the leading cloud-based lab software on account of its several functions. Furthermore, the functions include equipment management, patient management system, online invoicing system, sample collection, data control system, and order management. Therefore, it aids to advance patient workflow and improves lab operations.

    Adopt modern software is required for automation functions, saving immense time and energy of lab personnel. Moreover, pathology lab software is typically for every type of laboratory whether it is a clinical laboratory or a chemistry laboratory. One of the best pathology lab software is Healthray because it meets all needs of each laboratory type.

    Lab management software is the online platform that helps to resolve many lab challenges due to its numerous features. One of the primary features is to gather data, share and time-to-time update information. Furthermore, it incorporates other features that help to achieve the desired lab objective such as equipment calibration and complies with lab codes.

    Healthray is top-tier laboratory software that manages all types of lab resources such as lab personnel and equipment. Furthermore, it aids to identify the sample location and their full information. It helps to make and efficiently organize storage space in laboratories. Additionally, it enhances data quality and helps to make good decisions. Furthermore, decisions are mainly pivot on quality data. If you want to make effective decisions, it is crucial to install automated pathology laboratory software.

    Pathology lab software advances the overall lab procedure whether it is related to sample tracking or billing process. Moreover, the advanced benefits of pathology lab software are effective administrating lab samples,securing the lab transaction, implementing lab codes regularly, precise diagnosis tests, and aids in creating prompt treatment plans.

    Indeed, pathology lab software is a secure platform. This platform can be used by multiple employees at the same time and still, there is zero risk of cyber attack. Furthermore, data is secure from the internal team mate as well. Moreover, it follows predetermined steps to secure the laboratory data such as audit trails and implementing powerful credentials.

    Indeed, laboratory software facilitates online payment systems. The online system creates advanced forms that can be set asper the user requirement. Furthermore, it helps to adapt with persistent change in laboratory codes. Therefore, it streamlines the process of invoice systems such as creating forms, set as per regulations and can receive payment online.

    Pathology laboratory software has various functions, specifically for the patients. Furthermore, the functions are flexible templates, record patient’s personal information, billing software, receive test reports on digital devices, store patient’s health records, and can visualize reports on any electronic device. Therefore, it enhances patient experience.

    Indeed, laboratory software facilitates drag- and-drop templates. This type of template is easy to use and can modify from anywhere after having software access. Moreover, the primary benefit is to create any type of form, saves personnel time, and mitigate lab errors. Additionally, employee can share this type of template to anyone in the lab department.

    Administrating lab resources is the hardest task, Healthray’s lab software makes this procedure simpler. Furthermore, it helps to divide resources effectively, support lab equipment calibration, and oversee tasks by managers from any electronic device. Additionally, it aids in resolving problems and challenges quickly.

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