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Digital patient health records have the immense capacity to maintain a large volume of patient information with their demographic details. It serves as the patient portal which is specifically designed as per the patient’s requirements. Consequently, it lifts lots of burden from the patient’s arms for maintaining medical historical records. Also, it minimizes errors in patient documentation.


Digital Personal Health Records Can Improve Healthcare Efficiency

Patient Health Records are the digital form of records in a structured and well-organized format. Furthermore, the PHR data includes patient health data, demographic information, immunization records, medication history, test reports, diagnosis reports, clinical notes, and more. Therefore, it is easy to retrieve any patient information and makes the treatment procedure simpler

Patient portals have numerous features such as a user-friendly interface, scalability, customizable templates, and conformance with necessary legal regulations. Also, patients have the right to control their health data information.

Role of Electronic Health Records in Patient Health Record Systems

Role of Electronic Health Records in Patient Health Record Systems

Electronic health records extract patient records from different sources such as external sources and internal sources. Also, supports maintaining patient portals and they can take charge of their health. Let’s look below into the detailed role of Healthray’s electronic medical records in personal health record systems:

Fostering data security :

Maintaining data security is the crucial part which is done through electronic health record systems. This software system makes personal health records confidential. Also, mitigates the possibility of misplace information and theft of medical documents. Let’s delve into the procedure for maintaining data security :

  • Compliant with federal laws
  • Encrypted all medical data transaction
  • Incorporates strong passwords
  • Restriction on accessible information
  • Training to the hospital staff.

Fully integration with different systems :

Electronic health records are incorporated with various systems such as human resource management systems, laboratory information management systems, and pharmacy management systems. Additionally, there are other departments such as accountancy departments, administrative department and financial departments. Therefore, it supports personal health record systems to efficiently maintain patient information. Let’s look below at the integration advantages :

  • Minimizes manual health care data entry 
  • Maintain comprehensive patient data
  • Enhanced patient communication
  • Reducing interdepartmental conflicts
  • Enhances patient safety. 

Facilitates Patient Accessibility :

Enable patients to oversee their medical records and can make desired changes. Furthermore, they can oversee their whole medical and personal records. Also, this software maintains rigorous security and legal standards. Here are the advantages of patient accessibility : 

  • Maintaining transparency of records
  • Improving health faster
  • Increases patient medical knowledge
  • Supports in taking preventive actions
  • Helpful in medical emergencies. 

Automates medical tasks :

This health information technology automates all hospital departmental tasks. Supports different types of medical specialists. Therefore, it minimizes medical errors. Also, improves patient and hospital data quality. Let’s learn how health professionals get advantages from automatic medical tasks:

  • Improving patient care
  • Simplifies the exchange of patient information with other healthcare provider
  • Ease in scheduling appointment. Thereby, saves patient’s time.
  • Eliminates the requirement of paper records. Therefore, maintain environment sustainability.
  • Helps in continuous monitoring of patient records.

Top 5 ways to Enhance Hospital Efficiency with Patient Health Records 

Top 5 ways to Enhance Hospital Efficiency with Patient Health Records 

Digital patient health records are a substantial part of the revolutionary healthcare system. Further, this PHR software provides numerous benefits to patients. Also, systematically maintains an individual’s personal health information. Let’s discuss the 5 ways of digital patient health records which drastically improves healthcare efficiency :

Patient data management :

Manages all patient data at the tip of your fingers. This goal has been fulfilled through Healthray’s electronic health records system. It records all patient records including their family members information and demographic information such as age, blood type, etc. Therefore, a patient’s health record allows them to analyze their medical reports and supports them to make faster diagnosis decisions. Let’s discuss some advantages of patient data management :

  • Quickly improve patient’s health conditions
  • Ease in accomplishing health goals
  • Supports in making precise decisions.
  • Adhere to health care legal compliance. Thereby, mitigates legal risks.
  • Simplifying the procedure of retrieving patient information.

Receiving Timely Reminders :

Health information technology is evolving day by day. Through the patient portal, patients receive necessary reminders such as medication reminders and appointment scheduling reminders.

It indirectly impacts an individual’s health and supports chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, heart attack, and thyroid. Therefore, it reduces no-shows and aids in maintaining a healthy ecosystem.

Automated patient tasks :

Personal health record (PHR) maintains patient information in a digital format. Therefore, the hospital management system automates the whole medical tasks across all departments.

It effortlessly schedules appointments and providing medication reminders. Additionally, ease in tracking patient’s health.

Also, simplifying the billing procedure and assisting in following each healthcare regulation that is formulated by the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology and the Ministry of Health Department.

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Eliminate paper record systems :

Health information technology simplifies the complex patient process. Also, helps in eradicates paper record systems. To stand among your competitors, it’s crucial to implement PHR services and satisfy patients. Explore the several benefits of paper record system : 

  • Simplify the prescription procedure for health care providers
  • Multiple providers can connect with a single platform
  • Reduces health staff efforts
  • Data recorded in a well-defined legal format.

Streamlined operational tasks :

Managing administrative tasks is one of the hectic tasks for healthcare organizations. However, these tasks are easier with Healthray, the personal health record software. Let’s discuss some involved operational activities :

  • Scheduling online appointment
  • Severe data security of patient’s vital information
  • Easy access to other health care providers
  • Maintains precise medical documentation
  • Saves patient’s time with due care
  • Reduces the human services error.


Digital patient health records have tremendous capabilities to store vast amounts of health data. Moreover, it allows them to view their medical records concisely. With electronic medical records systems, it is easy to secure patient financial transactions and keep their medical records confidential. Therefore, it enhances patient safety. In this blog, we discussed the 5 ways digital patient health records can improve healthcare efficiency such as patient data management, receiving timely reminders, automated patient tasks, eliminating paper record systems, and streamlined operational tasks. Consequently, it simplifies the specialist’s procedure and improves patient’s medical conditions faster.