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LIMS software is now more in demand on account of its unique and best features. Furthermore, the features include robust regulatory compliance, electronic lab notebook, data integration, track samples, and manage data information. Healthray is the best LIMS software, including all the extraordinary attributes and helps to streamline laboratory operations through effective management.


Laboratory information management system is the online laboratory software which is the most lucrative feature. According to research, more than 75% of research based companies used this software because of its functionalities.

This software helps to computerize laboratory processes and advance the workflow system through embracing modern technologies. Moreover, it automates the entire operational process from scheduling management to the electronic test results.

Always select the best LIMS software like Healthray, because it is reliable and user-friendly software. Moreover, it can be used by any individual of a non-medical field and easily understand the terms. This platform is fully configurable, enhances data quality, facilitates automated payment systems, and effectively administers laboratory data.

The Key Attributes of Best LIMS Software

The Key Attributes of Best LIMS Software - Healthray

Laboratory information management systems maintain huge laboratory information in a short time. Moreover, it is a flexible software that can adapt in adverse situations and help to optimize turnaround times. The key attributes of the best LIMS software are :

Online invoice system

Imagine a platform that compiles all invoices at one place and also can track the bills. Moreover, It restores the previous data and the second time, it automatically fills in the information. Calculate the estimated amount of the bill and can edit the billing statement at any time. The laboratory information management system effectively tracks the payments and reduces expenses on creating manual billing statements.

Furthermore, it provides billing templates that can be customized as per the need of the user. There are various billing regulations which need to be followed and that are difficult to comply with manual processes. To alleviate the invoice process and persistently comply with billing codes, embrace Healthray’s LIMS software now!

Revamp your hospital facilities and embrace change for better healthcare management. Ease in managing and organizing large medical datasets leads to effective analysis. Seize the opportunity now!

Data security

Nowadays, the scenario of the laboratory is a little bit different. Many laboratories use computers but it is difficult to permanently remove paper based systems. Secure laboratory information is a critical and important task. Manual handling records doesn’t provide the assurance of secure data. However, this task is easier with Healthray’s LIMS software.

As modernization increasing. Simultaneously, the online attack is only increase in numbers. Attackers are still there, we can’t do about anything. However, we can strong our software system. Healthray has included the properties of securing data transaction and protects lab data from unethical activities.

Integrate automated technologies

It is an advanced platform that is embedded with AI technologies that improves turnaround times and reduces the human intervention in doing manual tasks. Moreover, the best LIMS software helps to operate all lab departments smoothly whether it is administrative or patient support. Integrated automated technologies has numerous benefits such as :

  • Minimizes manual input
  • Improves efficiency in work
  • Makes the tasks too easier
  • Simplifies to administrate lab data
  • Aids in precise data analysis.

Centralized platform

Every best LIMS software has the properties to gather data in the orderly format. Moreover, this data is accessed by anyone in the lab segment. Data handling through manual processes creates data silos. Lab data is not easy to administrate, but it is easy with Healthray’s LIMS software.

Centralized data through a manual process requires a lot of time, it takes only a few minutes with this best LIMS software. Lab data stores each segment information with employee details. Therefore, The LIMS software helps managers to view all information in the single dashboard.

This feature helps to quickly make decisions whether it is related to the inventory or any lab employee. Moreover, it reduces lab errors, easy to communicate on practical terms and helps to create lab goals.

Electronic lab notebooks

The essential component of data tracking is to maintain laboratory information in the best organized format. Moreover, electronic lab notebooks play this role in a more efficient manner and support in lab accreditation. 

This is also called E-lab journal. Furthermore,the best LIMS software has a large database that can store vast lab information in less human effort. It helps to track lab data, and visualize in consolidated form. If you want to escalate the data quality and expedite the lab process, it is pivotal to embrace Healthray, the best LIMS software.

5 Effective Ways to Streamline Laboratory Operations with the Best LIMS Software

5 Effective Ways to Streamline Laboratory Operations with the Best LIMS Software - Healthray

Streamline lab operations require extreme efforts and lots of time. Furthermore, it helps to create effective standard operating procedures. Lab operations can be managed from remote locations and requires only access to lab data. Additionally, the best LIMS software administrates all resources from lab equipment to employees. This LIMS systems implement five effective ways to streamline laboratory operations such as :

Inventory management

Laboratory information management systems automatically complete the inventory steps. Furthermore, the steps include assimilating laboratory records, storing inventory information in a structured way, and monitoring inventory on a regular basis.

This cloud based LIMS software simplifies inventory procedure and improves speed in conducting tasks. Apart from it, there are lots of tasks that are conducted easily with workflow automation such as finding the exact inventory location, accumulating any information with a few clicks, and easily filling vendor information.

Quality management systems

Embracing numerous practices related to following lab regulations of ISO 17025: 2017 and Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR). Moreover, the quality management system improves overall lab quality and decreases legal penalty risks.

Adhere with lab regulation requires to manage data effectively, arranges in proper format, and regularly audit records. Therefore, it acts as a best feature to enhance patient contentment and reduce laboratory expenses.

Laboratory data management

Are you one of those who want to embrace modern lab technologies? want to administer data correctly? But, it is difficult to find the right one. Here we introduce Healthray, the best LIMS software that manages laboratory workflows in a smooth manner.

Properly administering data reduces more than half of your tasks. Similarly, it lowers the laboratory costs. The automation capabilities are too vast because it not only records data, but also makes effective business intelligence reports. Therefore, it is easy to make practical decisions.

Workflow management system

If you want to get ideal output, it is important to embrace scientific lab technologies such as Healthray. This software reduces redundant activities, aligns with lab objectives, and utilizes lab resources efficiently. Moreover, it helps to follow the path of sequential steps to improve laboratory processes. Here are some ways to advance laboratory workflow :

  • Effective sample tracking
  • Instrument integration
  • Efficient data analysis
  • Quick data backups
  • Electronic invoicing system

Robust Sample management

Laboratory information systems is for every pharma company whether it is small, mid-scale and large lab. Moreover, this platform escalates the sample quality, secure data while automating processes, and quickly finds the sample location. On the other hand, if these tasks are conducted manually, it would take too much time and incurs extensive costs.

LIMS software is too useful for all types of biobanks. As they hold a large number of samples, there is a requirement of an automated system to record extensive amounts of information. Diverse biobanks accumulate different samples.

How Does LIMS Software Improve Laboratory Processes?

How Does LIMS Software Improve Laboratory Processes -  Healthray

In the daily routine, lots of data is created in the clinical laboratories. There are many obstacles in managing routine data. Moreover, the laboratory information management system (LIMS) has versatile functions that boost the lab performance and escalate the patient contentment level.

Furthermore, the functions are to collect experimental data, data integrity, distribute lab activities effectively, store stock location details, generate online test reports, authenticate reports with seniors and generate electronic billing.

Apart from its functionalities, it aids in communicating well with laboratory employees and managers. It captures real-time data, updates and edits information from any location. Therefore, the best LIMS software declines the manual tasks and enhances lab efficiency.


LIMS software is a software pool that stores extensive laboratory information from instrument reading to employee details. Moreover, the key attributes of the best LIMS software such as online invoice system, data security, integrated automated technologies, centralized platform and electronic laboratory notebooks. There are some ways to streamline laboratory operations, which are adopted by the best LIMS software. Furthermore, it includes inventory management, quality management systems, laboratory data management, workflow management systems and robust sample management.