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HMS software is the leading solution for all the healthcare troubles. It is the single solution of all challenges from arranging inventory to collecting data. Moreover, HMS software makes easier to coordinate within department. The cutting-edge features of HMS software are customizable interface, tasks management, operational management, multilingual support and more. Thus, it improves client satisfaction and contributes to an innovative health system.


If you search for a holistic healthcare platform? If you want to improve your cash flow? Then, you are on the exact searching page. We were introduced to the leading HMS software that simplified the task of each department whether it is an IPD department or OT department.

HMS software can be used by many individuals at a single time and securely send any information to other segments. Moreover, it makes it easy to collect data like a walk in the park. Furthermore, the healthcare information includes patient information, physician details, instrument data and more.

The major concern for hospitals is uncontrollable health care expenses and increment of patient attrition rate. Moreover, HMS software is the best one to deal with these concerns with its best features such as personnel management, EHR integration, graphical data reports and more.

Why to use the Healthcare Management System?

Why to use the Healthcare Management System? - Healthray

It has been observed that healthcare needs holistic software, which effectively manages patient and reduces uncontrollable expenses, which mainly invested on administrative expense and maintaining the precise health records. Therefore, Healthray developed with its AI strategies to improve retention rate and simplifies physicians task. The importance of a healthcare management system are :

Front desk management

Front-desk staff face too many hurdles to listen to patients carefully, fulfilling their needs and accomplishing department objectives. Therefore, it is required to develop HMS software for systematically handling the operational tasks.

This platform facilitates staff information from recruiting details to performance data. Furthermore, it simplifies other operational activities such as maintaining patient history, calculating employees salaries, quickly answering patients queries, and automatic scheduling management. Therefore, it saves potential time to improve patient care.

Digital claims management

This is the best advantage of the hospital management system because it helps to connect with insurance companies and ease the verification of insurance documents. Moreover, the healthcare management system changes the whole process of insurance claiming.

HMS software makes it easy to share reports to insurance companies and get fast reimbursement. Sometimes, the adjuster takes a long time to investigate, which makes the claiming procedure a bit lengthy. However, the claiming tasks are easier with precise documents and minimizes human error.

Supply chain management

Inventory control is a longer process, but not with the Healthray software. Moreover, HMS software helps to maintain entire healthcare resources in no time. This platform records inventory details from procurement amount to storage information.

It stores data of individuals who are part of the inventory process such as vendor information, transporter details, ordering date and receiving date. Also, helps to efficiently use the storage space and distribution of resources.

Top 10 Features of the HMS Software

Top 10 Features Of The Hms Software - Healthray

Handling a large number of patients at a single time is a troublesome task. To make it easier, Healthray developed the superior HMS software. Moreover, it reduces repeated tasks, fostering clear health insights, improves user experience, aids to medical research, and completely vanquishes paperwork. This is the foundation of digitalization in the healthcare industry. Furthermore, explore the functions of HMS Software :

Customizable medical form

HMS software serves as a time-efficient tool for physicians and patients. Moreover, it encompasses numerous medical forms such as patient history form, online scheduling form, billing template discharge form, patient registration template, and consent form.

This form has properties to change template elements and makes it user purpose. Therefore, it is easy to secure, store, and update information. Also, the single template can be used many times and forward to multiple patients.

Health tasks management

The HMS software is the leading software to conduct all healthcare activities from managing medical documents to optimize stock level. Furthermore, the vast data accumulated in day-to-day operations, which entered promptly in this software. It assists in finding the right information in no time, which might be difficult with manual data processing. Moreover, the HMS software has several benefits such as :

  • Mitigate direct and indirect costs
  • Prevention from serious diseases.
  • Aids to effective healthcare treatment
  • Precise medical diagnosis
  • Improve operational services

IPD management

The HMS software simplifies the distribution of medical resources, which is helpful for smooth patient flow. Moreover, the IPD department includes several steps such as patient registration, creating digital patient ID, recording necessary data, allocating beds, assigning physician duty as per experience, and generating medical bills. Furthermore, it is the premier software for healthcare organizations. The HMS software has several ways to manage IPD department such as

  • Online handling of patient health accounts
  • Ward management
  • Record information on digital platform
  • Customizable medical templates
  • Linking with other segments.

Revamp your hospital facilities and embrace change for better healthcare management. Ease in managing and organizing large medical datasets leads to effective analysis. Seize the opportunity now!

Seamless communication

Development of a HMS platform is necessary for inter-departmental coordination and effective communication with them. Moreover, it doesn’t create a data silos problem because all data records in remote servers and helps to provide access to necessary individuals.

More than half of medical challenges are resolved through strong connection with other healthcare members. Furthermore, this feature has numerous benefits such as enhanced clinical care, ease to share medical documents, improve the professional healthcare network, aids to precise diagnosis, and escalate patients satisfaction. Therefore, it is necessary to implement HMS software like Healthray.

Multilingual support

The HMS software is in multiple languages, which helps to widen medical services. Moreover, it helps to reach those individuals that are deprived from healthcare services. This platform has also provided support to students for understanding the basic medical terms in any language. Also, facilitate health education to patients.

Furthermore, the language barrier can create a lot of consequences to patients such as spreading infection to a wider area and delaying treatment might be the reason for a patient ‘s death. Additionally, it supports quickly resolving patient problems, and improves health networking with multiple people.

Personnel Management

At present time, employee satisfaction is equally important as that of patients. Management of the healthcare workforce is tough, measuring their performance on a daily basis is impossible, and fulfilling legal regulation is practically not achievable. These challenges are easily resolved with Healthray, an AI based HMS software.

Additionally, it helps to record employee details and provides business intelligence performance reports. There are lots of healthcare organizations where medical students get trained with their medical faculties. Therefore, this system records those faculty information as well. It makes the bond stronger with managers and creates a better hospital environment.

Graphical data reports

What if you get visual concise reports of all recorded data? It Doesn’t sound great. In this advanced science society, it is required to demonstrate medical information in an understandable manner. It supports accurate disease diagnosis. Simultaneously, the hospital management systems in modern healthcare decreases the mortality rate and improves turnaround time through fast medical decisions.

EHR Integration

The electronic health record is one of the components of a HMS software. Moreover, this platform records entire health information in the digital log book and automatically implements legal strategies to prevent medical information. 

It automatically records health information, which improves document accuracy and mitigates human mistakes. Consequently, it aids to medicine formation and lowers repeated activity.

Lab Management system

It is another integrated system of hospital management system software. Moreover, the lab management system assists to smooth workflow and assists in creating an innovative laboratory.

Apart from handling the lab tasks, it also supports administration of laboratory employees and improving instrument conditions. Additionally, it assists to track samples, inventory, test reports and financial records. 

E-billing system

E-billing systems refer to creating paperless bills. The best medical billing software is Healthray, which is 100 % configurable and also, a leading system for future practice. Furthermore, it aids to fully conformity with billing codes.

It mitigates the law penalty risks, promptly receives digital payments, improves healthcare fund, increment of patient retention rate, fast retrieve information of outstanding payments, timely payment alerts, and insurance procedure


The HMS software is the leading solution for all types of medical organization. This innovative system leads to improved client satisfaction and escalating employee morale. Moreover, the importance of HMS software are front-desk management, digital claims management, and supply chain management. Furthermore, the must-know features are customizable medical form, health tasks management, IPD management, seamless communication, multilingual support, and many more.