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In this digital era, EHR software is the best tool for the healthcare industry. This software makes the transition from paper-based records to digital records, making it easier for everyone to read and understand medical terminology. Apart from this, the best EHR software overcome many challenges. Furthermore, the challenges includes increased healthcare costs, protracted medical procedures, increasing patient attrition rate, and scarce technical resources. Consequently, it improves medical practices.


Overcoming healthcare challenges with the best EHR Software - Healthray

Electronic health records are creating a simpler path to achieve desired departmental results. Moreover, Healthray’s EMR software is for every person who associates with the healthcare environments such as patients, medical practitioners, operational staff, and third-party insurance companies.

This platform simplifies whole medical activities from scheduled appointments to monitoring radiology images. Furthermore, adopting this software is the first step towards the digital revolution. Patient records are unified at a central place with the standardized format.

EHR system is the electronic healthcare platform that overcomes several hurdles which are difficult to solve with manual processes. Furthermore, the challenges are hard to administer records, difficulty in inter-departmental collaboration, increasing patient attrition rate, and increased healthcare costs.

What is the Importance of EHR Systems?

What is the Importance of EHR Systems? - Healthray

EHR systems are indispensable software for the healthcare sector. In this modern time, why use paper when we have better other sophisticated options that are the best one for tackling medical emergencies. This software assembles numerous patient information with their medical history.

This system keeps all records at a safe and secure place by implementing medical security activities such as regular tracking of medical records, two factor authentication, and restraining to share credentials with anyone. Additionally, it conforms to healthcare codes.

Electronic health records software has infinite advantages and here are some of them such as augment patient care, shortening the medical procedure, simplifying operational process and improving network with other healthcare providers. Therefore, EHR software increases the number of patient visitors in hospitals.

Top 10 Challenges Addressed Through the Best EHR Software

Top 10 Challenges Addressed Through the Best EHR Software - Healthray

There are many challenges appearing in the healthcare industry which are difficult to address with the simple computerization system. After examining these hurdles, Healthray comes as a savior for healthcare organizations and provides a comprehensive solution for every challenging situation. Furthermore, it is difficult to conquer every challenge but is possible with Healthray’s EHR software. Now, let’s see how it happens:

Increases hospital costs

Rising medical costs are a cause of concern for both medical professionals and patients. There is no way to save these costs except through applying the best EHR software in your organization. Furthermore, the hospital expenses are increasing due to many reasons such as:

  • High administration expenses on procuring paper and other stationery.
  • Increasing costs on hiring staff and their technical training
  • Conducting manual procedure of invoicing
  • Poor stock management
  • No financial planning on reliable data.

Similarly, patients’ medical expenditure also rises due to several reasons such as non-transparency of financial records, high traveling costs, increased infectious ailment, and no control over the increment of non-communicable disease.

Solution: On the other hand, Healthray’s EMR systems help in solving the above challenges of medical practitioners and patients. Furthermore, this software has diverse characteristics such as remote monitoring, virtual appointment system, ICD-10 code support, medication management and automaton of medical procedure. Additionally, generating visual financial reports and integration with human resource management systems as well.

Hard to administer records

There are vast medical records and administering them is the toughest task. Data is related to patients, hospitals, vendors, and insurance companies. Furthermore, record management is impossible through manual handling tasks. This requires more sophisticated technology for efficient handling of data. There are various drawbacks of improper data handling, let ‘s glance on them :

  • Low quality data
  • Increasing healthcare costs on maintaining medical records
  • Difficult to protect data from insider organization
  • Increases burden on staff to retrieve the right medical information
  • Requires more space in hospitals.

Solution: On the contrary, Healthray’s EHR platform has extraordinary functionalities that help to administer data properly such as huge databases to record vast patient data in systematic format, features to modify data, and preventing record by using security precautions. Additionally, the records are removed from the database by following necessary protocols. This data helps in setting up graphical reports that can be understood by anyone.

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Difficulty in inter-departmental collaboration

Collaboration with healthcare departments is necessary to make effective decisions and support in solving complex cases through merging the experiences of medical practitioners. This challenge hinders the growth of an individual and takes more time to complete the small tasks. Several impacts on inter-departmental collaboration are :

  • Solve complicated medical cases easily
  • Creates a positive healthcare work culture
  • Minimizes retrenchment rate
  • Fast processing of medical work
  • Removes data silos.

Solution: Healthray’s electronic medical records software makes these tasks easier with the interoperability feature. This feature is the outstanding one because it amalgamates various alliance systems in the same platform and helps to build greater connections with medical experts. Additionally, it supports earning more revenue through referrals and may expand healthcare services.

Increasing patient attrition rate

Conventional medical practice has no modern technology and has an improper system of clinical workflow that decreases patient’s contentment and participation towards their medical health. Furthermore, it is the reduces the healthcare revenue and might be the main reason for hospital shut down.

Solution: On the other hand, Healthray’s electronic health record software decreases patient attrition rate and improves engagement in medical activities. Moreover, it can be done through the integrated features such as patient portal, cloud computing system, health monitoring and preparing virtual medical reports. Therefore, it is upgrading the patient medical flow system.

Prolonged medical procedure

The manual process of the healthcare system is a lengthy and time-consuming procedure. This process adversely impacts healthcare organizations. Furthermore, the impacts include delay in decision making, improper clinical documentation, increased medical costs, and improper handling of medical finances.

Solution: To redress this system, Healthray’s electronic medical record software comes up with the unique solution that alleviates medical procedure from recording data to analyze critical conditions. There are various incorporated tools that makes easier the clinical and patient flow easier. Furthermore, the tools include patient portals, practice management tools, medical reports, administrative tools and other patient engagement tools. Therefore, it expedites healthcare flow and advances patient care.

Scarce technical resources

In the healthcare industry, this is the major challenge because there are some conditions that need to be fulfilled to be a part of a medical organization. Furthermore, the conditions are that the person should be completed and gain experience in the medical field, be an adult, and be required to have advanced communication skills. Difficult to find medical expertise with this type of qualification.

Solution: Most researchers studied that newly invented technology reduces the need of technical resources, which later on find true on account of its numerous attributes such as online patient scheduling, patient record management, population health management and revenue cycle management. These are all attributes found on the Healthray, the best EHR software.

High risk of theft and forgery

Manual handling of medical records is always a risk of forgery and theft because all records are in the hard copy format and stored in physical space. Apart from these risks, there is an escalation of healthcare expenses. Moreover, forgery is the type of crime that anyone can do easily and manipulates the whole medical situation.

Solution: Latest innovation automates the entire medical work like Healthray, the best EHR software. Furthermore, medical automation not only mitigates the risks of forgery and theft. This platform has other manifold features that helps to prevent medical risks, and saves plenty of healthcare time. Additionally, these attributes forecasting the medical risks and helps to formulate relevant strategies.

Lack of Discipline

It has been observed that most of the hospitals lack discipline and because of that, they don’t have enough time to comply with the medical regulations. Consequently, there is a high risk of legal penalties and patient’s condition risks. It requires integration with health information technology to create a discipline in hospitals and improve the administrative workflow.

Solution: Difficult to have discipline in hospitals due to the numerous healthcare tasks. Furthermore, it requires choosing the best EHR software like Healthray. Furthermore, it has assorted functions that create full discipline in healthcare organization. Additionally, the EHR system in modern healthcare has the AI feature that automatically complies with medical codes and improves financial sustainability of medical organizations. 

Troublesome to secure data

Securing medical data needs to have extensive labor efforts and according to the reports, medical crime has increased tremendously. Medical data needs to be extensively protected from malicious activities. Moreover, the healthcare staff are too busy conducting their administrative tasks and they don’t have adequate time for adherence to healthcare codes.

Solution: Nowadays, preventing medical information is crucial and required to prevent insider threat as well. Healthray, the best EHR software is the best one to protect big sets of medical information. Moreover, this platform automatically follows medical guidelines and implements security measures to safeguard patient and medical information.

Difficult to spot the improvement areas

Without administering healthcare data, it is hard to make decisions, solve complicated cases, and forecast medical conditions. Additionally, it is required to improve the quality of medical information. Relevant data is more important to spot the healthcare areas which need advancement and improvement.

Solution: In a nutshell, precise data is needed to identify the improvement area. EMR software is the only one solution that facilitates precise medical information from patient details to billing information. Additionally, this advanced framework helps to set healthcare goals and helps to create the prioritizing area. 


In contemporary times, EHR systems are the most demanded software in the medical organizations on account of innumerable reasons. Moreover, it can overcome several medical challenges such as increased hospital costs, hard to administer records, difficulty in inter-departmental collaboration, prolonged medical procedure, scarce technical resources, high risk of theft and troublesome to secure data. Consequently, it assists in formulating healthcare strategies to achieve healthcare goals faster.